Mobile History Map

Part of the mSchools project is the Mobile History Map. The objective is to create a common app with more than 454 Points of Interest (POI) of Catalonia monumental heritage to be presented during the Mobile World Congress 2015.

In this part of the project we will choose a POI in Martorell e.g. Devil’s brigde (“Pont del diable”), take photographs (2Mb/image), record audios (4Mb interview with an expert) and videos (short URL school youtube channel), short and relevant information, geolocation and links.

In February it must be finished all data of POI to be presented in the Mobile World Congress in March. After March add more POIs from Martorell. Translate the information into Spanish, Catalan and English.

We can also locate trees as POI with tour map within Martorell.

Mobile Learning Awards for parpicipating schools before deadline (9th February 2015) with 3 points of interests. Awards included are 3D printers and robotics kits.

More information at:


You must include in your blog:

1) Embed youtube code of Pont del diable video (from images and/or video files, with cited open source audio)

2) Embed audio file using and file: Pont del Diable audio (Interview Dr. Miquel Vives, Prof. Andrés Martínez) NEW FILE < 4Mb!

3) Your photographs of Pont del Diable

4) Google map waypoint and javascript code of 10 point of interest to create walking routes in Martorell.

5) QR code of your AppInventor app with geolocation of 10 points of interest from Martorell

6) Text explanation of Pont del Diable history and relation with fear of technology

7) Text explanations of the source codes created by you using AppInventor and Google Map javascript

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