Barcelona World Race

The objective is to create a multiscreen app about the Barcelona World Race with the following features:


24 multiscreen apps source code aia here:

Remember to add navigation calculus introducing formulas in app inventor to calculate compass course, etc

1) First screen:  Geolocation of the different points where the Barcelona World Race take place using Google maps (code at the end of this page).

2) Second screen: Route from  two points saved in a Fusion Table or accessing data from a CSV file with data and/ or another CSV with geolocation

3) Third screen (several screens inside): related with navigation and nautical calculus: true course, deviation,  winds, water currents,.. mathematical calculus e.g. solving an spherical triangle

 4) Fourth screen:  Ship photograph with ship names and the features of the ship must change with the accelerometer like
5) Fifth screen: Information about ocean pollution, when you click it, it must be played your recorded voice indicating pollution information similarly to or In another screen information with text to speech.

Used for. Text with scientific information INTERNET IS FULL OF NON-SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION, USE THE FOLLOWING SOURCES OF SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION (e.g. nautical defaunation in Science magazine)


Screen 6. Quiz: 10 interactive questions using for example President’s quiz example at or from and a more advanced tinydb tandem app known as MakeQuiz/TakeQuiz from

Screen 7.  Games. The games could be of a ship as in Get the gold app, but now the coins are now the 2D chemical pollutant structures as shown at  or ladybug chase at  or molemash).

Screen 8. Database of BWR. You can create a fusion table with your gmail account where you can ask users to write data from BWR . You have an example at

You can also use GPS, using speech recognition, tinydb databases, google fusion tables, etc. You will find more ideas and and in many other websites, just google it.

You can download AI2livecomplete to execute AppInventor 2 offline in your pendrive as a portable application just starting your own server at your browser http://localhost:8888.

Geolocation using Google maps example



Here you have the aia file containing the source code of this App

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