Cambridge Exams

Dear families, the next week are the Cambridge Young Learners exams. Your children will receive a letter for you  with the school where they will take the exams. The school is Sant Josep in Gracia.  We don’t know the timetable yet. As soon as we know this information, we will tell you. Thank you for you attention.

Estimades famílies, la setmana vinent són els exàmens de Cambridge dels alumnes que es van apuntar. Els nens i nenes rebran avui una carta explicant on serà l’examen. Es faran a l’escola Sant Josep de Gràcia però els horaris estan per determinar. Quant tinguem aquesta informació us la farem arribar. Moltes gràcies.

Here you have a guide for families, it’s very interesting.

Aquí teniu una guia per a les famílies, pensem que és interessant que li feu un cop d’ull. (Clicar sobre la fotografia) 

young learners

5th Grade: History of American Fashion

Today the 5th graders have presented their task to the rest of the class. They are almost finishing the project. Next week they have to create a piece of clothes and with that they will finish the whole project. They need to bring cloth or “goma eva” and other materials do it in class.

Avui els alumnes de cinquè han presentat la seva feina a la resta de la classe. Gairebé han acabat el projecte sobre la Història de la moda als EUA. La propera setmana hauran de crear una peça de roba i amb aquesta activitat es donarà per acabat el projecte. Necesitan portar roba, goma eva i altres materials per fer-ho a classe. sewshedid2


In the second term we are working in a new vocabulary Project.

We need to know more about the sport of different countries around the world ( football, basketball, mountaineering, cycling, chess, gymnastics…)


We will learn:

  1. The name of the sport in english.
  2. Equipment ( what do they wear ).
  3. Number of players.
  4. The most important competitions of this sport.
  5. Famous athletes.
  6. This sport at the olympic games.
  7. How to play the sport. Rules.
  8. A traditional game of that country.

It can be a good idea  top lay the traditional game of that country.



The 5th grade students are going to travel to different countries of America.They want to know the geographic location, the rivers, the mountains, the food, the animals, the traditions, the language, the flags and the capital of each country.

Canada, USA, Mexico, Cuba, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Jamaica.

Have you visited some of these places ? You can come to our school and explain us your experience there.

america del norte