SUMMER HOLIDAYS: Things you can do

1. Read a story in English

2. Watch an English film.

3. Collect 10 English words from a magazine or newspaper.

4. Learn 10 new words in English.

5. Learn a new song in English.

6. Send a friend an e-mail in English.

7. Write a diary in English of what you do in the summer holidays.

8. Find a simple recipe in English and cook a delicious dish.

“Recomanem als alumnes que han suspès realitzar algunes d’aquestes tasques. D’altra banda, tots els alumnes poden fer-ho i entregar-ho el primer dia de classe.”


ASIA: Zoos and parks presentations

Here you have the presentations about the last project: Asian animals. During the three last weeks they have investigated all about their zoos or parks. Today, they have done the expositions. Good job!!

IMG_1159 IMG_1158 IMG_1157 IMG_1156 IMG_1155 IMG_1154

AFRICA: Animal’s project

During this week we have started a new project based on African animals. Every child has an animal and they have to investigate what they eat, where they live…

Recordatori famílies: és molt important que tots els alumnes portin les fotografies ja sigui en format digital o imprès ja que sinó no poden participar en les activitats.

IMG_0551 IMG_0552


OCEANIA: Animals

This week we have started a new project about animals. Animals from Oceania. We have made groups and each group is going to investigate one animal.

The first activity is to discover the animal’s characteristics. Do they hop? Do they swim? Are there mammals?

Here you have the pictures where you can see them choosing their animals qualities.

image image