Saturday 29th

Oh!  We don’t want to leave!  It’s been a fantastic camp.  We have learned a lot of English, met a lot of new friends, students and teachers, and the week was fantastic.

You can see a photo of all the group.  Some of us are crying, we don’t want this fantastic week to finish!

All of us together. The good bye time.

Good bye!  See you soon!  We hope we can meet again somewhere!  Friends forever!

Now that we are leaving, and crying, as you can see, we leave you some photos of the fantastic landscapes we could see from our windows, our games in the football field the two schools together, and some other remembrances of this unforgettable week.

Friends forever:  Red Leaf Fall Camp teachers and staff + Ins Vega de Toranzo + Ins de Sales!!!

Coming back to Viladecans




So many songs, so many tears.









Friends forever!

Playing football together

Modelling together in the workshops. Making friends.

Going to the National Park togheter. Sharing nature and friendship.

The school next to the youth hostel.


This is what we could see from our windows, nature, NATURE, NATURE

And, this is the end of our fantastic experience, thank you for everyting!

The students:

Sergi, Raquel, Laura A., Aarón, Nazarena Belén, Marta B., Carol, Stefan, Paula, Andreea, Núria, Joel, Andrea J., Marta J., Alicia, Álvaro, Yolanda, Alba, Eric, Judit, Edgar, Estefania, Andrea R., Laia and Laura Z.

The teachers:

David and Marta.


Lekaroz and Viladecans, November 2011.















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Friday 28th

Today as always we got up at 8:00 a.m. At 8:30 we had breakfast. We ate milk, cereals, toasts with jam or butter. At 9:00 we brushed our teeth and then we had a class with our English teachers. Then Ontario and Alberta went to the village and Quebec and British Columbia had Canadian workshop.

Ontario and Alberta went to the village. In the village we went to the market and there we divided in diferent groups for look the stores. There were many stores, like cattle market in which we saw cows, horses, goats, sheep. There were also clothes, bracelets and necklaces, handbags… It was very funny!

The cattle fair was very interesting. Our friends from Cantabria were more familiar with the different kinds of cows and sheep, and we had the opportunity to learn new things.

Quebec and British Columbia did Canadian Workshop. They did a Dream Catcher. It’s an object that traps your nightmares and helps you sleep. This object comes from the indian tribes from North America.











Our last presentations were much better than the ones from the first day.  We were very proud and happy, and so were our techers from Red Leaf and Ins. de Sales.  We had made a very good job and we learned a lot of English.

Our teachers from the camp gave us a Certificate and we took photos together, her they are:

As it was our last night, we were really sad and we didn’t want to go to bed.  We celebratedthe TALENT SHOW and we had a very good time together.

We also celebrated Halloween Night, we put on the costumes we had made two days before in one of the workshops, it was a “scary” night

Aren't you scared?Aren’t you scared?????

As you can see, the teachers also participated in the scary show!

Some companions showed their “talents” but the winner was Sergi Abaijon from Ins de Sales.  He sang a lot of beautiful traditional Spanish songs.

Sergi had a little accident on the second day after our arrival, but he was perfect for the last two days.  Look at him on Tuesday!!

He had a sprain in his ankle, but everything had a good end!

Here you can see some photos of the event:

We sang our favourite songs.

We went to bed, but this was a relly long night, for us and for the teachers….  We didn’t want this fantastic experience to end.

See you tomorrow!



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Thursday 27th

This morning at the first hour we did class with our canadian teachers, about the natural and cultural environment. Then some people went to the river and did some activities. Other people went to a village and bought things at the supermarket.

Ontario and Alberta  groups made Halloween costumes for tomorrow’s party.

Have a look at the virtual posters we have made on some of the things we have learned and the teachers who said them:





After lunch the teams Quebec and British Columbia we made halloween costumes in the Canadian Workshop. In our teams some people did killers, zombies and another costumes.

The Ontario and Alberta teams prepared the presentation about the food chain. After this we did the presentation about ”Cultural & Natural environment” and ”Food Chain”. After shower we had a good dinner: salad and pizza! Then we played casino games: in the Casino War it was very easy to win money, in the Roullette it was very easy to lose your money, the Ghetto dice was very funny and easy, in the Black Jack if you have 21 or a number near 21 you can win, but if you have more than 21 you lose, the Ace Race was very funny and interesting.











Ace Race was a really funny game. The students you can see are from Cantabria, our friends.













This is the ROULETTE, a special part of the Casino, only for "rich" people.  You could play there when you had more than 200 canadian dollars.











This was a special part of the Casino, the ROULETTE, only for rich people.  You could play there when you had won more than 200 canadian dollars.

After that we went to bed, some of us were really rich!!!

See you tomorrow.


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Tuesday 25th

On Tuesday we visited a village called Elizondo and then we went to a supermarket to buy some things. Then we came back “home” and we did the T-shirts with red and blue paint.

The Canadian workshop with the T-shirts was very funny.  Everything in English!!  At first we were shy but our English was improving, improving…..!!!  =)

We made the presentations about renewable energy.

For dinner we ate meat-balls and chips .

After dinner we did a funny show related to music and dancing:  “sing star”, we made groups and everyone sang a song and danced  The winner was Benito and his friends. It was very funny!

After that we went to bed.  It was difficult to sleep because we were very excited and happy, we wanted to sing (the girls), but “the rules are the rules”.  This is a picture of the rules of the camp:

Lights went out at 11:00…..

Good night!  To be continued…

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Wednesday, 26th

Today in the morning we had breakfast. Later all the groups visited the natural park of Bertiz. In the park we watched a little movie about the park. Then two groups visited the museum and the other groups visited the garden. The garden is a botanical  park with a lot of plants from other countries and very big trees.

Look at these beautiful pictures we took:

The teachers were really nice, and handsome!

Later the four groups walked across the forest 9 km more o less. It was very tiring and someone fell down. When we arrived we had lunch and free time.

After this, we played some games. The first was “catch the flag ” and the second was “tug-of-war”  with the teachers.

Then, we had a shower,  we put our pyjamas on and we talked to the parents.

We had lessons with the school teachers.  We had the lessons in our pyjamas!  It was the first time we had a class in pyjamas, for us and for the teachers too!

After the class, we had dinner.

Finally, we watched a film: Men in black. It was in English!  (but with Spanish subtitles!)


It was funny. And finally we went to sleep. We were very tired. Good night!




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Monday 24th

Yesterday we took an exam and today, after breakfast, the teachers divided us in four different groups: British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and Ontario, four provinces of Canada.

The teachers of the different groups are:

Stuart: British Columbia

Ellie: Alberta

Ryan: Quebec and

Luke: Ontario.

This is the timetable of each day:


Monday is the first day of classes. Today, we talked about the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).


During the class with our teachers from Viladecans we made nice MIND MAPS about “GOING GREEN” and the “3R’s”

Here you can see some of them:

In the evening, we made a presentation about what we had learned during the day in front of the other students. At first, we were nervous, but we did it very well!


Watch photos of the presentations:










After dinner, we played a game: “Photo scavenger hunt”. It was very funny.  With our cameras we had to make pictures, but the teachers gave us the instructions, for example:

We had a very good time!

Goodnight, see you tomorrow!


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Welcome to the camp!

Hello! We are 25 students of Sales Secondary School. In this blog, we will publish a daily report of our activities, our photos and videos.

Sunday 23rd: This is the travel day. At quarter pas ten, we are in front of our Secondary School. At half past ten, we go up the bus and we go. Our destination is the Baztan Valley, in Lekaroz (Navarra). After nine hours, we arrive.

When we arrived, the teachers of the camp were waiting for us outside the youth hostel and they showed us our bedrooms and then, after dinner, we played two games in the games room.

For dinner we ate rice with tomato and nuggets. It was delicious!

There are two schools: Institut de Sales from Viladecans, Barcelona (we) and another school from Cantabria, Vega de Toranzo.

After dinner the teachers from Red Leaf prepared an activity to know the other students from Cantabria.  We were a little shy at the beginning, but, at the end, we all laughed together.

At night, we made the bed and went to sleep.

Welcome to Navarra!

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