English Corners 3rd Grade


The 3rd grade students have worked in our English Corners! This unit we have worked the topic: food.

There are four corners: writing, reading, games and laptops! They have played a memory game , they have written a menu, they have read some menus and they have played computer games to learn new vocabulary.


Here you can take a look at some pictures!

An obstacle race!!



The 4th grade students have designed an obstacle race. They have written the steps for their obstacle race in groups. So, they have learned how to write an instructive text. Then, they have explained their obstacle races to the others students. They have enjoyed a lot!

My monster!


During the 2nd term we wrote a monster description!


The 3rd Grade students drew their amazing monsters and wrote their descriptons!


English corners – 4th grade


The 4th grade students have been working in our English Corners!

There are four corners: writing, reading, games and laptops!


Here you can see some pictures!



We love the days of the week!


We have been learning and remembering the days of the week!


Look at our 3rd grade students! They love singing and dancing this amazing song!



It’s Halloween!


Halloween has arrived at school! During the last week children and teachers have enjoyed this terrifying tradition.

The 1st and 2nd grades students have sung Halloween songs and have created their own witches.

The 3rd and 4th grades students have played a Halloween game. They have overcomed Halloween challenges such as saying Halloween tonge twisters, resolving a word soup, finding the seven differences…

The 6th grade students have transformed our school into an horrifying haunted house. They have dressed up with their own costumes. It was so spooky!

The incy weency spider song!


In P3 and P4 we are learning the Incy weency spider song. We love singing it!

The wheels on the bus song


We are learning the name of the colours. This song helps us to memorize them!



Helloo song!



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