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Book on Contemporary Science

Book on Contemporary Sciences by Dr. Francisco Pérez (Pompeu Fabra High School, Martorell, Spain).

Contemporary Sciences is a compulsory subject for high school students in Spain. This book tries to show some topics from across the spectrum of science and technology using scientific articles published in 2012. It is focus on medicine, from new cancer discoveries to the omics revolution, and engineering, from energy innovation and nanotechnology to developing new devices.

This book consists of questions and over 200 figures reprinted by permission from Macmillan Publishers Ltd., editors of Nature magazines. This book is intended for students from Pompeu Fabra High School (Martorell, Spain), but my desire is that this work will be also useful for many other students and anyone with an interest in new advances of medicine and engineering. Printed and electronic versions of this book are free.

The book is supported by a comprehensive plan of foreign languages within the framework of plurilingual language project 2012-2014 of Education Department, Government of Catalonia.




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