English Corner

Welcome to the English corner,

In this section you will find some ICT resources that can support your English learning and reinforce your language skills. I hope you find it interesting. Enjoy it!  


Story corner: Once upon a time

You can look for fun things in the “activity lab”, watch and listen animated stories in the “book zone”, play reading and writing games in the “game station” and write stories and postcards in the “express yourself” section.


This web site offers lots of learning resources classified according to the kind of activity (games, print and do, songs, stories and get writing).


Songs and games corner: Let’s have fun!

You’ll find songs to listen and to sing in a karaoke


Do you like songs? Find easy songs, and songs that are more difficult


Do you like any type of games? Try this web site.



Varied activites

In this site you wil find a lot of activities for you to practise they are graded according to level and topics.


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