The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde


The Picture of Dorian Gray is one of Oscar Wilde’s masterpieces and best-known story. Its narrative is fabulous and its themes reflect the kind of society of the late 19th century England.

I challenge you to a quest in which you have to answer a series of questions on the novel and its author. First, you have to read all the questions through and click on the link below the corresponding questions to access to the webpage that gives you the answer; secondly, once you know the answer, you should write it on the worksheet I have prepared for you.

I hope you enjoy this quest and, at the end of it, you can understand what was what made Wilde write this masterpiece!!


1. What did Oscar Wilde’s father do? (his job)

2. What was Wilde’s real name?

3. When was Oscar born? And where was he born?

4. What did Oscar study? Did he get any award for his studies? If yes, which ones?

5. Which cities did Wild visit? What for? Name what he wrote and who he met there.

6. Which was Wilde’s most creative period of life? Why? Which stories did he write?

7. Who was Lord Alfred ‘Bosie’ Douglas?

8. What happened in 1895? Why was Wilde arrested?

9. What was his last piece of work? Why did he write it?

10. When did he die? What from?

Click here to access to Wilde’s official website.


1. Name the main characters of the novel.

2. Is there any meaning behind the name ‘Dorian’ in accordance with the ancient Greek? Which one? What is the connection between the character of Dorian Gray and Adonis, one of the Greek Gods?

3. Name and briefly define the themes present in the novel. Can you think of more themes not mentioned in the Wikipedia and also important in the novel (e.g.: marriage, social classes,…)?

For questions 1, 2 and 3, access to the Wikipedia. Click here.

4. Relate the following characters with one of these topics. Give a reason to your answer. Characters: Dorian Gray, Basil Hallward, Lord Henry and Sybil Vane. Topics: Art and beauty, Appearance, youth and beauty and romantic love.

5. Do you think Dorian Gray is influenced by Lord Henry at the beginning of the book? Why/ Why not? If yes, what does L. Henry convince him of?

6. Does Dorian love Sybil Vane? Why does Dorian reject Sybil?

7. What happens to Dorian’s portrait when he returns home after the scene after the theatre performance?

8. Why does Dorian think it is necessary to hide his portrait? Does it have something to do with his murdering Basil?

9. Write your opinion of the novel. Do you like it? Why/why not? Do you think that appearance is so important in modern life? Why?

Click here to access to The Picture of Dorian Gray in e-text.


Click here to access to a dictionary.

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5 thoughts on “The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

  1. Cristina Martínez Andrade

    Hello Marta!
    I have done the activities of Dorian Gray and I like it, because I have able to know more things of this book.
    I would like that we’d can do more activities of this type.
    I like doing this activities, because we learn a lot.

    See You!!!

    by: Cristina.

  2. Joan Marc

    Hi Marta
    I have already finished the activities of Dorian Gray with the help of Marina, from my point of view i like the book but this activities not because we have done the exercises of the book and this paper with more exercises it’s a lot of homework! By Joan Marc

  3. Marinaaa! (macía placíN)

    Jelouuu ticheer! =D

    I’ve just finished the exercises with the help of Joan Marc. I think that the book isn’t bad, but doing these activities (that are a “rollo”) plus all the of behind the book… It seems to me excessive. In addition, I think that I have not learned much with these activities. I believe that they are boring. The truth is that I have not liked anything to have those to do, are very long and heavy.

    Bye byee! 🙂

    by: Maarinaa*

  4. Jennifer Gómez Morón

    Hi teacher!!

    I have finished the activities about the book ” The picture of Dorian Gray”.
    I like it the activites because I have learned many things that I did not know about the book.
    I thing that this activities are very interesting.

    I like very much the blocs!!

    See you on Monday!!!

  5. Alex N.

    Hello Marta,
    I think that the bloc is very nice.
    I have done Dorian Gray’s activities and believe that they are interesting.
    I have liked very much the book but I think that the original is better than that we have read.


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