“Rebecca” by Alfred Hitchcock

This task is partly designed to be done by students with a more proficient level of English. To be able to answer the questions, students should first see the film.
Rebecca (1940) by Alfred Hitchcock is based on the novel by Daphne du Maurier, (1938). It is considered to be a gothic novel/film. There are a lot of elements in the text which are typical of the Gothic period. Listen to this extract, which belongs to the very first lines of the film and write those elements which are gothic. As a second task, answer the following questions: What is the secret of Manderley? What happened to Manderley? Why does the protagonist say we can never go back to Manderley again? Do you think it is a recollection narrated by the heroine or it is only a product of her dream? What is the role of this scene in relation to the rest of the film?

I hope you enjoy the film!Good luck!

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