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Different grammar class in Secundària school

Hey all!!

Throughout our English course we’ve always tried to do things differently. Bearing in mind the importance of putting things into a real context as a means to internalize and acquire language efficiently, we thought that maybe our students could use their ingenuity and think up theatrical situations to put grammatical structures into use.

Therefore, our students were told to create situations in which it had to be crystal clear the difference between WILL and GOING TO auxiliaries. Since students sometimes experience certain doubts on when to use which, by making it visual and real maybe the doubts could be reduced. So here you have some samples of grammar practice fuelled by the imagination, sense of humour as well as theatrical talent of our students!! Check out how both grammatical structures are alluded implicitly.

Hope you enjoy it!!

Theatre evening at Escola Povill!!




Theatre evening at Escola Povill!!

On the 4th Of April Tuesday evening, all the Secondary School went to the “Casal d’Olesa” to watch the play “Sleepy Hollow” in English of course!!

All the students could enjoy a very demanding play with the audience; it required the constant involvement of them for every part. To dance, to ride on horses, disguise as the ghost of “Sleepy Hollow” or even marry the main character!! To pursue this, our students became one vital piece in order to make the show go on, and to do this successfully they needed to understand every single indication in the English language!!

A great evening enjoyed to the most with endless laughter as you will be able to see in the video below!!




Hello to you all!!

Here you can see our winners of THE FONIX (Concurs d’anglès interescolar) from L’ESCOLA POVILL:

David Muixí 5th Grade Primària

Laia Pérez 6th Grade Primària


Alumnes Fonix primària


Adrià Herrador from 1st Grade ESO

Anna Gil from 2nd Grade ESO

Nerea Vázquez from 3rd Grade ESO

Patrícia Martín from 4th Grade ESO



THE FONIX is a contest organized by International House Barcelona , by La Fundació Catalana de l’Esplai and by La Secretaria General de Polítiques Educatives del Departament d’Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Its main purpose is to promote the use of English in schools.

After reaching the top marks from their respective courses in the school, the finalists listed above went to Barcelona to do the regional test in where they met other finalists from the rest of schools from Barcelona.

Now, we are all waiting for the 9th April to see if our candidates can reach the final stage on the 16th April.

We hope the best for all of them, though we are already very proud of you!!



Great filmmakers, better students!!

Great filmmakers, better students!!

Hello again!!

Our students from Second of ESO have been reading the adventures of Huckelberry Finn. To assess the accomplishment of the activity some students were told to make an alternative ending. However, a deviation from the usual ways to assess such an activity was proposed: making a video of it. What a better way to foster the students’ capacities by performing dramatizations, encouraging technology usage and obviously practicing English.

Here you have a beautiful sample of all this by Alejandro Martín, Xavier Casadó and Miquel Graell (featuring Oriol Mas).


Hope you enjoy it!!

Time to start performing!!

Hey you all!!

2nd of ESO students are just getting ready for “jornada de les arts I les ciències”!! We have been practicing and enjoying simple theatre exercises involving miming and using the body language to perform hilarious scenes. Besides, it seemed to his tutor that all these helped them getting rid of all the pressure from the exam period. What can we expect for the next days? Maybe some hidden acting gems? It is late to know yet but we can certainly be willing to have good laughter!!

Here you have some samples of these crazy (and disguised even) performers!!

IMG_20160204_095332 IMG_20160204_095422 IMG_20160204_095537 IMG_20160204_095559 IMG_20160204_095714 IMG_20160204_095727


Hello to all of you from the English Games station!!

We are glad to tell you that our students are really getting into all kinds of interactive activities which combine music, drama, creativity, crosswords… And all based on teamwork!! The best way to accomplish multiple pedagogical objectives.

Here you have a sample of the activities performed and the big talent of our students Ari, Montse, Ainhoa and Judit!! What started as a performance of a simple script was turned into a lovely musical!!!