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Our own song!

Hello families!

Today we want to share with you a wonderful song some students designed. Taking advantage of the vocabulary we were learning in class, some students in 4th grade were asked to start writing the lyrics of a song we could all use to better remember the words we have been studying.

Here, we share with you the fantastic result and, at the same time, we encourage you to sing the song with your children at home!

Don’t forget that music is an amazing and powerful tool that can help us a lot in the process of learning a new language!


Hola famílies!

Avui volem compartir amb vosaltres la meravellosa cançó que alguns alumnes han estat dissenyant. Aprofitant el vocabulari que s’estava treballant, alguns nens i nenes de 4t van tenir l’oportunitat de començar a crear una nova lletra musical per tal que tots aconseguíssim recordar millor totes les noves paraules que havíem estat estudiant.

Aquí, us deixem el fantàstic resultat i, alhora, us encoratjem a cantar la cançó amb els vostres fills a casa!

No oblideu qeu la música és una eina increíble i ben poderosa que pot afavorir el procés d’aprenentatge d’una nova llengua!


Big Muzzy

Benvolgudes famílies,

Els alumnes de Cicle Inicial hem pogut aprendre més coses d’anglès gràcies a la projecció d’algun dels capítols de la mítica sèrie de la BBC Big Muzzy.

Si voleu podeu aprofitar aquest divertit recurs per gaudir d’una estoneta amb els vostres fills amb una sèrie molt educativa i fàcil de seguir per tots els alumnes. Enjoy it!


Different grammar class in Secundària school

Hey all!!

Throughout our English course we’ve always tried to do things differently. Bearing in mind the importance of putting things into a real context as a means to internalize and acquire language efficiently, we thought that maybe our students could use their ingenuity and think up theatrical situations to put grammatical structures into use.

Therefore, our students were told to create situations in which it had to be crystal clear the difference between WILL and GOING TO auxiliaries. Since students sometimes experience certain doubts on when to use which, by making it visual and real maybe the doubts could be reduced. So here you have some samples of grammar practice fuelled by the imagination, sense of humour as well as theatrical talent of our students!! Check out how both grammatical structures are alluded implicitly.

Hope you enjoy it!!

Land, air or sea? The means of transport in 4th grade

Hello again families!

Today we want to share with you one of the latest activities we have developed in the Reading & Speaking course. As you know, once per week, students are divided into two groups and they have the opportunity to take part in more dynamic activities for 1 hour. Normally, in this course, we try to include activities in which students can use the language to interact with their classmates as well as activities in which they can discover new information by reading or activities to review the contents worked in the English course.

Today, with students in 4th grade, we have been working on the vocabulary of means of transport with flashcards. Students were given a description and they needed to guess which one was being described and, then, classify it into the correct column.

We have had a great time learning English today!


Hola famílies!

Avui volem compartir amb vosaltres una de les darreres activitats que hem estat desenvolupant al taller de Reading & Speaking. Com ja sabeu, els nostres alumnes són dividits en dos groups i tenen l’oportunitat de prendre part en activitats més dinàmiques al llarg d’una hora que dura el taller. Normalement, les activitats que aquí es desenvolupen són activitats en què els alumnes poden emprar la llengua per interactuar amb els companys, així com també activitats en què nova informació es presentada en forma de lectura o activitats en què es poden revisar els continguts treballats a les sessions d’anglès a l’aula.

Avui, amb els alumnes de 4t, hem estat fent una revisió del vocabulari dels transports amb flashcards. Primer, es feia una descripció i els alumnes havien de deduir quin transport estava essent descrit per després classificar la imatge a la correcta columna segons el medi per on es desplacen aquests vehicles: terra, mar o aire.

Hem gaudit d’una bona estona aprenent anglès avui!