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Theatre evening at Escola Povill!!




Theatre evening at Escola Povill!!

On the 4th Of April Tuesday evening, all the Secondary School went to the “Casal d’Olesa” to watch the play “Sleepy Hollow” in English of course!!

All the students could enjoy a very demanding play with the audience; it required the constant involvement of them for every part. To dance, to ride on horses, disguise as the ghost of “Sleepy Hollow” or even marry the main character!! To pursue this, our students became one vital piece in order to make the show go on, and to do this successfully they needed to understand every single indication in the English language!!

A great evening enjoyed to the most with endless laughter as you will be able to see in the video below!!



What do you want to be?

Hello families!

During last term we worked on vocabulary related to work with 6th graders. We discovered the vocabulary, we played different games and we also developed a project that consisted of creating a poster in which students described their ideal job. They were asked to talk about the tasks they will do in that job, the people they will work with, the place where they will be and, finally, they were asked to give reasons for they choice.
The results have been that nice that we have decided to go deeper on that topic and prepare an oral presentation on our posters.

We are convinced we are going to discover really interesting information about our classmates with these presentation, don’t you think so?

My ideal job

Hola famílies!

Durant el passat trimestre vam treballar el vocabulari relacionat amb les professions. Vam descobrir el vocabulari, vam fer diferents jocs i també vam creat un projecte que va consistir en l’elaboració d’un pòster en què els alumnes havien de descriure el seu treball ideal. Se’ls hi va demanar que expliquessin les tasques que s’han de desenvolupar amb aquest treball, la gent amb què es treballa, el lloc on es fa i, finalment, se’ls hi va demanar donar una petita explicació del perquè de la seva tria.
Els resultats han estat tan meravellosos que hem decidit seguir treballant aquest tema i preparar una presentació oral sobre els nostres pòsters.

Estem convençuts que amb aquestes presentacions podrem descobrir informació d’allò més interessant sobre els nostres companys, no ho creieu?