Speaking in English

Hello everyone!

Speaking is a very important part of learning a language. First, children carefully listen and observe adults, absorbing all kinds of information, this phase is called the silent period. Later, they start speaking slowly and at their own pace.

The students of 1st and 2nd year of primary school practise their vocabulary studied in English class and later, they start making simple sentences. For example, I’m wearing socks, I’m wearing a blue tracksuit…

Here are some examples of how we learn to speak English and having fun together!




Speaking es una part molt important per aprendre un idioma. Primer, els nenes i nenes escolten i observen molt detingudament tot i absorvint la informació, aquesta fase es coneix com Silent Period. Després, comencen a parlar a poc a poc i al seu ritme.

A 1er i a 2n de primaria practiquen el vocabulari treballat a l’assignatura d’English i construeixen frases simples. Alguns exemples serien: Porto mitjons, porto un xandall blau…

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