The Third Conference for the Peace in l’Ampolla

Last 8th March, in l’Ampolla, the Third Conference for the Peace was celebrated. The event started at 9:15, when they collected material. At 9:30, Eduard Falcó (president of the Associació Cultural de Sant Jordi), Mr. Francesc Arasa (l’Ampolla’s mayor) and Ernest Plans (coordinator of the conference) welcomed the people who were there.

After that, at 9:45, they did the presentation of the documental “El Camino”. Many people took part in the documentary. When it ended, at 11 o’clock, they took a break. They drank coffee, juices and they ate cakes.

At 11:30 started there was a talk about considering other alternatives. The doctor Miren Etxezarreta was who talked about it for 40 minutes. At 12:30 Ramon Pascual, Arturo de las Heras and Jordi Ribas talked for 15 minutes each about other possibilities about economic management.

At 13:15 there was the rounded table with all the participants in this third conference of peace and 45 minutes after the conference finished.



Angie Bertila

Carmen Vega


Carnival is a festive season which occurs immediately before Lent; the main events are usually during February. In Carnival people often dress up or masquerade during the celebrations, which mark an overturning of daily life.

Carnival derives from a pagan festival. The Christian people can’t eat meat during the Friday of Lent. It’s believed that this event may have its origins in Greek celebration in the Roman Saturnalia festival celebrating the end of winter or even in the era of Egyptian festivals. The most important carnivals in the world are: Brazil’s carnival, Venetia’s carnival, Colombia’s carnival…

In l’Aldea Carnival the children go to the town hall, and wait for the “Magos de Oz” then they go to the sports center, and there the children do a parade and the best disguise wins a sweet cake. Then the town hall people make hot chocolate for everybody. This year the carnival in L’Aldea is celebrated on first of March.

Maria Montesó, Lluïsa Estorach, Anna Alegre, Júlia Mateos

The Three Wise Men’s parade

The Three Wise Men’s parade

As every year, the Three Wise Men come to our villages to give presents to children who have been good during the year. On 5th January they go arround the streets of the villages on a parade and their pages give sweets to the children.Captura

In each village (l’Aldea, Camarles and L’Ampolla) they have different parades and we’d like to show you how they have been this year in some of those towns.

In Camarles, where we live, the Three Wise Men’s parade wasn’t very spectacular. The route of the parade was from the Tower to the Presidents’ plaza. They were in a cart with a donkey and it was followed by an empty coach. It was very depressing! The only special thing from the parade was a kind of small circus with clowns, faquirs…

In l’Aldea the parade was bigger than Camarles’ one. There were 3 coaches and a van. It started at 7 pm and the streets were crowded. It ended at 10 pm, when they gave the presents to the children.

Anyway, the Three Wise Men gave the presents to the children and everyone enjoyed this special day.

Roger Giné, Joan Curto, William Navarro and Zulema Navarro



What is happenning this month in our villages?


On Saturday 19th of October the People from L’Aldea celebrated the inauguration of the new road which is now called Cataluña Avenue. Before it was the national road which went through the whole town. Now this road surrounds the town. During this day People gathered together in the new avenue where there were lots of activities: a popular meal, football matches… That day the People were very funny and from that Sunday L’Aldea is a different town.

A woman stabbed her parents in L’Ampolla last month

The police of L’ampolla reported using the social nets (facebook and twitter) that the last 19 august September 2013 at about two o’clock in the morning, a thirty-five years old with mental problems stabbed her parents. They could call the emergency number and the local police went to their house, at the outskirts of l’Ampolla, next to the Perelló. When they arrived, they found the woman and some kitchen knives with blood on the floor.

Her father stayed in the ICU (Intensive care unit) of the HVC (Verge de la Cinta’s hospital) with some stabs in the stomach and her mother was out of the ICU with a stab in the lung. The woman after hurt her parents, tried to hurt herself but the police prevent her from doing it and the doctors assist they. The woman was under arrest.



Via Catalana

The “Via Catalana” was organised by the ANC.

It went from the French Frontier in Catalonia to Alcanar on the coast.             It was mode to promote the Independence and the right to vote. Some people wont the Independence becawse they think that Catalonia will be better without Spain.Others think the opposite. It was mode the day of the “Diada Catalana” on 11th of September.

It was inspired by the “Via Bàltica”, made in 1989