This months trips

The students of 1st of ESO are going to visit “Món Natura” on the 24th of April to view the flora and fauna. It is situated on the inferior part of the tongue of the delta of the Ebro and camouflaged between rice fields and lakes, “Món Natura” is one of the centres of interpretation of the flora and fauna of most importance in the region. At “Món Aventura” you can do various activities: family activities, observation activities or temporal activities.


On the 29th of april the students of 4th of ESO and 2nd of Bachilerate will be visiting “Corbera d’Ebre” to view the scenes of the Civil War in the Battle of the Ebro.

The Battle of the Ebro began at midnight on July the 25th, 1938, when the forces of members of the Army crossed the river Ebro breaking defensive lines of the Moroccan Army. The result of these operations was a war of attrition that led to the defeat of the Army of the Ebro, with less material and human resources that drove the campaign of Catalonia that began in December 1938.

In addition the Ebro was the setting for the withdrawal of the International Brigades of the territory of the Republic, announced on 21 September 1938 by President Negrin.

Article done by: Sara, Georgia and Laia


Trips in Irta

November 8th for the 1st baxilleration scientist went to visit located in the southern regions of Catalonia, the Centre for Aquaculture IRTA carries out its activities in scientific research and technology transfer in terms of Delta aquatic animals Ebro.

Trips in L’arxiu

The 29th November the 1st Humanistic went to high school in Tortosa file. The Regional Historical Archives of the Terres de l’Ebre (AHCTE) was created by an agreement signed on 20 July 1983 between the Ministry of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia and the city of Tortosa. The Archive is part of the Red County Historical Archives of the Government of Catalonia and is managed by the Regional Council of Lower Ebro powers as delegated by the Government in 1991.



Trips in Barcelona

11th of December 1st of ESO in a Barcelona (Imax) and a musical “Smiles and tears”.











On Wednesday, 30th of October, the pupils of 1rst and 2nd of a-grades went to Barcelona to participate in the tv program “Divendres” of TV3, directed by Xavi Coral, who presents the program from the studio, and by Espartac Peran, who visits every week one diferent village.

They went with the Spanish and literature teachers Ana Borbón and Pilar Ezpeleta. The aim of this trip was to be in one filming and learn about the media. The pupils who went told us it was a great experiencie, nice and funny. They learned a lot of things of the world of television. Some of them said that they thought that the recording plateau would be bigger than it actually is. Everything was controlled by a councilor who was telling the audience when to  applaude, and controlled the time they devoted to each part of the program. The sound of the audience is controlled by a cabin that is hidden. Inside there the sound was soundless.

The program who they witnessed was about current affairs, general interest and politics.


The pupils of 1st of ESO visited the “L’Observatori del Delta de l’Ebre”.

The aym was to learn new things and know the facilities of the Observatory. They visited a room where the teachers taught them how to measure an earthquake. They also showed the telescopes, and how all the information is retired to meteorology.

They went on 21st October and there were 49 pupils of 1st of ESO


2n course of comenius: ”Waterborne Identifies”

During this  second course of  comenius, four pupils of 1st of bacculerate will travel to Noruega, Ulsteinwik.

There will be four pupils and two teachers,on 4th of November they will travell to Ulsteinwik and will come back on  8th of November. In Ulsteinwik the students will stay with families. In the mornings  they will go to school and present their projects and in the afternoon they will go sightseeing. The town of Ulsteinwik is the comercial and administrative centre of the municipality of Ulstein in Norway.They will follow the rute of Barcelona-Frankfur, then from Frankfur-Oslo, and from Olso to Ulsteinwik, they are going by plane.