It was very ugly with big ears and it was wearing a t-shirt and big trousers.
I started to run while the monster chased me. When I fell into river,the stream

pushed me till I arrived to a mysterious village.

There I started to look for a telephone to phone my friends.

In a big park there were some children playing.

When I found a telephone, my friends didn’t answer their telephone and a

man said to me “You are the missing man”…


During many years, Lent has lost it’s importance until today. In the past fasting and abstinence practices were much more extreme and widespread than today.
For example, when we were younger, when the time of the Lent arrived we had a paper old woman with seven legs hanging on the wall , symbolizing the seven weeks. Each week we took one of her legs till easter arrived. When we arrived at the highschool we didn’t do this and now we don’t remember nearly what it was. We believe that Lent is less important today

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Chapter 3

What are you doing here? I was really confused because the spell she was pronounciating seemed very dangerous. I couldn’t say nothing, I was very frightened. Then, suddenly she changed me into a girl. She laughed at me and I start running into the forest. She was a witch! I was on the forest for four days, but I didn’t find the way for became again a boy. I came again to witch’s house,  I tried to ask her for help, but she didn’t want to help me.


I was afraid of entering, of getting into in the wooden house . The silhouette was an old woman who lived alone. She invited me to enter in her house and she gave  me some soup. I told her that I couldn’t find my friends and that I was disorientated in the forest. She let me stay inside till the storm finished.

One night, I didn’t find the old woman. I was looking for her. Suddenly, I heard a voice coming from the basement. I went down and saw the old woman was pronouncing a spell. I was frightened. She looked at me and…

Etna, Mirabela and Carmen


One Saturday, at night I went to in the forest because I had arranged to be there with my

friends and then suddenly there was a thunder and it became even darker.

I wasn’t  with my friends and I was afraid I was also  cold.

I shouted and shouted  but no one answered me I only heard the thunders and the rain

after  I went to my car but the wheels were punctured. Everything  was so cold and dark.

I began to walk to the forest to search my friends, in the far I saw a woodhouse and I went to it

When I approached at the woodhose I saw a silhouette through the window …