Christmas Crosswords


  1. An object that you don’t expect from your parents
  2. A sock hanging on a tree
  3. A cylindrical piece which is burned to produced light
  4. A figure resembling a man, made of packed snow
  5. Ice crystals that fall as snow
  6. A sweet desert made in many forms and of various ingredients, flour, milk and eggs, with fruit, etc.
  7. An evergreen decorated tree or an imitation.
  8. A brown cake, with ginger
  9. An instrument, usually metal, that emits a musical ringing sound when struck.

Carmen, Mirabela and Etna



1. Any of various games that can be played by using an electronic control to move points of light or graphical símbols on the screen of a visual display unit.

2. A remark, criticisme, or observation.

3. Image.

4. A book in electronic form.

5. A membre of the legal profession.

6. A person skilled in mechanical or industrial techniques or in a particular field.

7. Is a person who investigates.

8. A person who studies or practises any of the sciences.


9. A person licensed to practise medicine.

10. A person who practises or is skiller in an art, esp painting, drawing or sculpture.

11. A person whose ocupation is journalism.

12. A person who acts in a play, film, broadcast, etc.

13. A person who carries an delibers mail as a profession.

14. An electrical device for transmitting a speech, consistint og a microphone and receiver mounted on a handset

Tongue Twisters, Crosswords… (I)




1- Something that most of the students hate. They usually come when the term had finished.

2- Something that makes you laugh.

3- The place you go to watch movies.

4- Someone who makes friends very easily.

5- English is one of them.

6- Someone who doesn’t like giving things to other people.

7- A person who acts very carefully.

8- A person who doesn’t usually talk. The students must be…

9- A very active person.


There are eight words hidden in this wordsearch

Tip: All of them are related to character (selfish, shy, talkative…)


Tongue Twister

So she bought a bit of butter,

better than her bitter butter,

and she baked it in her batter,

and the batter was not bitter.

So it was better to Betty Botter

bought a bit of better butter.


Know something like the back of you hand’ (saber alguna cosa com la part exterior de la mà) s’empra per a dir que en saps molt sobre un tema.

You’re all heart!” (ets tot cor) s’utilitza per a dir-li a algú que és molt simpàtic o generós, però amb ironia.

Don’t cry over spilt milk’ (no ploris per la llet que ja ha caigut) serveix com a consell per a dir que no pateixes per coses que ja han passat i no es poden canviar.

A little bird tells you something’ (un ocellet m’ha dit una cosa): vol dir que algú t’ha dit alguna cosa, però que no diràs qui ha estat.

To sell like hot cakes’ (Vendre’s com pastissos calents) –Es diu quan un producte es ven amb rapidesa.

Mutton dressed as lamb’ (ovella amb pell de corder): és diu quan una dona vella porta roba pensada més aviat per joves.

His bark is worse than his bite’ (el seu lladruc és pitjor que la seva mossegada) s’utilitza quan una persona amenaça de fer alguna cosa però no la duu a terme.


Answers to the crossword and the wordsearch