The time table of our high school is from 8:00 to 14:30 hours.

We agree with this time table because we have time to do the homework, to go to the football training sessions, to go to play with our friends and do other jobbies. On the other hand, some teachers give us too much homework and we often haven’t got time to do a lot of homework.

Aleix Bertomeu

Aleix Còlera


We think branded clothes are better than other clothes, because they are more comfortable, they have a better quality, they are more beautiful, and they last more.

On the other hand, these clothes are more expensive than the rest, and there are people who cannot afford them.  Moreover some brands use children to make these clothes.

Non-brand clothes usually don’t last more, because they don’t have a good quality. They are less expensive and more people can buy them.












Opinion essay

Social Groups.

A Social Group is a system formed by a group of persons who have the same roles in the society. A list of things define what is your social group like the average salary, educative level, the occupation, etc. This group of things can be easily identifiable, it has a structure form and it’s durable.
The people in the group act with the same rules, values and objectives agree on and required for a good realization of their purposes.

Different People.

The Socials Groups can help you to feel good with people like you in an specific aspect because for the rest of the society you are weird, strange and different just because they are all identical.

Be different is good, it makes you unique. But for the rest you are a “freak”, a marginalized person although it doesn’t have any type of relation necessarily.

I think the fact that not be like the rest is good, makes you interesting but, why the rest of the society see you lower, distinct, “bad” for they? Why can’t we live everybody together? We are persons.

Be different is cool but when people sees you like you are weird isn’t. That makes that you fell lower, that you have insecurities and that make you want to be like they, but this is an another point.


When I say ‘freak’, what’s the first thing that you think? The typical little boy with glasses and spots who is always roleplaying or playing videogames online, don’t you? Well, it’s not necessarily true. Some stereotypes are false. The truth is that sometimes the image of a stereotype is true (for example, some freaks are just like I described before), but it doesn’t have to be like that.

What do I mean with that? Some people usually think that a person, for belong a specific collective he (or she) is going to be just like they think the collective is and sometimes if a person is not how other people believe they start to laugh at them. It’s very common that someone thinks that someone has an ideology or type of acting only for the clothes he (or she) wears. You don’t have to be gothic because you wear dark clothes or something similar, for example.

There’s also another stereotype very seen recently and it’s the ‘perfect body’ one, and it takes me to the next point.


The stereotype of a perfect woman or a perfect man has been changing for many years. Time ago, the stereotype of a perfect woman (relating to the physical) was the one who had curves and was a little bit robust. But now the new stereotype of a perfect woman seems to be the one who is so skinny that you can see her bones. Sorry, I think that I’ve lost the moment when they said that is perfect that girls endanger their health and their life for a stereotype imposed by the society. I don’t really understand.

And what we do instead of change this stereotype so girls don’t suffer diseases like bulimia or anorexia so they can feel pretty? Encourage that diseases and call girls with ideal weigh ‘fat’. Fat? Where can you see that a girl with hips is fat? Also the only thing it makes is that this girl believes it and she really thinks she’s fat. Is like delete her self-esteem.

Wouldn’t be more logical let every girl have the body she wants to have? (In a healthy way). Wouldn’t be better to avoid that ‘perfect woman’ stereotypes and stop criticizing people for their body? We’re not going anywhere like that.

Videogames: Are they good or bad?

Videogames have been always an interesting topic,since the first videogames were made, arround 50 or 60 years ago.  They are controversical because they have positive aspects and negative aspects, which can be really dangerous and can inspire people to do crazy things.

The first videogames were made up in 1948. The first videogames were recreative machines. Their graphics were really bad, comparing them to the current ones and there weren’t many pixels in the screens. Most mythical videogames were made up in the 70’s, games like “Pong” and “Pacman”.  Those games were so addicting but they weren’t bad at all because people couldn’t play them at home and they only could do so in special places.

Later, the consoles evolved as well the technology did. Games were much complex and they had better graphics. Then, more advanced consoles were made: the NES (Nintendo Entretainment System) and the SEGA Master. There were some important brands like SONY or Microsoft. They ruled and still rule the sector of the video games. After 20 years they started to sell portable consoles, like the PSP or the Nintendo DS.

Now, an important brand has invented new visors of virtual reality. The project is called Oculux and it allows you to live the game more realistically.

Despite all the benefits of the videogames there are some disadvantages that the games have which can be dangerous. However, it depends of the game (some games are more agressive than others and there are other games, like strategy games or puzzle games which are often very positive because they active the mind and make you think) and the time of playing.

The main disadvantages are the following:

-A bad control of playing time can create social issues and it can break relationships with friends and family.

-They can create attention problems at school (especially the action/shooting games)

-Video games can produce eye tiredness.

They have advantages and disadvantages but there are many more of the first ones when the games are played correctly and without abuse. So we want to give you some advice about how to play games and manage your playing time smartly:

1. If you can, try to play less violent games. You can try videogames like the Professor Layton saga, which it’s really amene and it will make you think for hours in order to solve all the puzzles.

2. Think about the playing time you have. It should be less than 2 or 3 daily hours. You always can make a planning  about your journey to organize your time. We recommend to do any homework you have before playing games because if you play them before it can make you to be less focused on the work and you’ll need more time to do it.




What is the real meaning of Christmas?

Currently Christmas has lost its real meaning. People only think about the presents and not about the real reason we celebrate Christmas: the birth of Jesus. The non believers don’t have a real reason to celebrate Christmas because they do not believe in God or his son, and that is what Christmas is about.

When most people think about Christmas, the first things they think about are presents, they don’t stop and think about what Christmas is really about. Most people’s second thought are holidays, for them Christmas is a break from work.

Other things that people think about before realising the real meaning of Christmas are all the decorations (the lights, the christmas tree…), Christmas lunch, most of it is a waste of money.

But, there are some people that do think about the real meaning of Christmas, even tho the number of people that do is the minority it is a very important celebration for them. They all meet at Mass and celebrate the birth of Jesus. They also make Nativities for this celebration.

People should take the time to think about why they are celebrating Christmas and enjoy it.



Bullying at school is the intimidation and mistreatment among students. It can be repeated and last for a long time.

Adults don’t usually know the student’s problem because bullying is a type of violence very difficult to identify. It can be physical and psychical violence and both people who suffer them are usually weak and not very confident people.



Lluïsa, Anna, Júlia and Maria




An opinion essay

Computers are important.

We usually use our computer every day in class.

We use them to study.

We also use a digital whiteboard in class.

In our opinion, we think that using computers has good and bad things.

On the one hand it is good because…

–          We don’t spend money on books.

–          It is easier to look for information

On the other hand it is bad because…

–          It damages our eyes.

–          It uses light up.

–          Since we are small and we spend too much time with computers.

–          Students can consult other web pages and don’t pay attention to the teacher.