Manel Marques Biography

Manel Marques Rullo was born on 15th July in 1966, Spain, Hospitalet de l’Infant (Catalonia).
He is 63 years old, one year more and he will retire. He started 13 years ago teaching in Hospitalet. He likes teaching all courses. His favourite music is Rock and Roll, flamenco, classico, Lady Gaga and Miley Cirius.
He likes reading books like adventures.
In his free time he relaxes and paints, he doesn’t have hobbies. He has a dog, a Rod Bailler.
He likes travelling a lot to Europe and America. He is married but he doesn’t have children because he doesn’t like children. He doesn’t practice any spors and in his childhooh he played Basketball.
He feesl good teaching in INS Camarles, he thinks Camarles is a good place. He loves food.

Joaquim Crisol’s biography

Joaquim Crisol was born on 7th of March in 1970 in Tortosa. He studied in Tarragona and Barcelona (Rovira i Virgili university and Politecnica de  Catalunya university). He isn’t married. He worked in Dapsa factory( L’Aldea) and some high schools. He started  working in this high school six years ago. Nowadays he is living in Tortosa. In his free time he likes going running and swimming.

BIOGRAPHY: Joaquim Crisol

We made an interview of our technology teacher: Joaquim Crisol.
Now he’s living in Tortosa. He was born in Tortosa in the 70’s. He enjoys walking his dog and practising tai-chi in his free time. He also likes watching movies in English. He worked in other high schools, for example, IES Les Planes for 3 years in Santa Barbara. He likes travelling a lot. He prefers travelling to exotic countries and has travelled around Asia because he likes that culture. He worked in other jobs; he worked as an engineer in a factory in l’Aldea. He likes technology because he likes designing and creating electronic systems. He thinks that technology has improved our quality of life a lot. He has got a tittle too, he is an electronic engineer and he has got business studies.

Anna Alegre, Maria Montesó, Lluïsa Estorach i Júlia Mateos


Biography. Laura Barrau.

Laura was born in Lleida, the place where she grew up. She studied there primary and secondary studies. When she was a child she and her sister were like friends because they were almost the same age. She was also a good student.

She started studying her degree in Lleida but she finished it in Barcelona’s University.

She had three jobs until she started working as a teacher, twelve years ago. Since then, she has taught in seven schools. She has been teaching in IES Camarles for five years.

Gerard Labernia Biography


Gerard Labernia

1)   Were you born? In Tortosa.

2)   Where do you live?  In Deltebre.

3)   Are you married? Do you have any children? No.

4)   When did you start working? In 1998.

5)   Have you always wanted to be a teacher? Yes.

6)   Before begin a teacher did you work in something else? Yes.

7)   What are you hobbies? Ride a bike.

8)   What do on the weekends? Go to the gym.


Gerard Labernia was born in Tortosa and he lives in Deltebre. He is single. He began to work in 1998 as an engineer and after he became a teacher, because he always wanted to be a teacher. He likes riding a bike and going the gym every day.


Her name is Olga Bertomeu. She was born in Reus, on 25th October in  1975, now she’s 38 years old.

When she finished her degree she was twenty- two years old she studied English philoghy in Tarragona, when she was younger she wanted to be a journalist. Now she is a teacher of English at the High School in Camarles.

She hasn’t always lived in the same place, before she lived in Reus and since she got married and now she lives in Deltebre, and she and his husband have got two sons.

She agrees with the independence for Catalonia, and she thinks about the cutout of money for education, it’s very unfair that things such as education and health services are affected by the economic crisis while politicians are becoming richer and richer.TPhoto_00002

Carlos Bullón Rigal biography


Carlos Bullón Rigal was born on 12th  March in 1960. He lives in Sant Carles de la Ràpita. He studied (magisterium) in Barcelona. He started the degree in 1979 and finished in 1982. He worked in seven schools and now works in ‘’Institut de Camarles’’. His hobbies are walking , fishing, playing football, reading,… He loves gastronomy. He has got two children, Albert Bullón and Carlos Bullón. He was married in 1986. When he was young he loved art. He likes reading books: Los Pilares de la Tierra, by Ken Follet. He loves films by Charles Chaplin very much, for example: El Gran Dictador. His favourite sport is football. He travelled to France, Switzerland, Italy and different cities of Spain.