The most well known Village festivals are in August. The celebrations of the Hermitage are also known and start on June 6th. Rice cabbage and beans are also quite popular and are on 6th May. And lesser known festivals are festivals and Hostal and  Station.

                                                       Jawad ayady

                                                       Roger Gonzales


This summer we will go to Paris and Zurich. Pau is going to Paris and William is going to Zurich
I’ll go to Zurich. I’m going on the 27th of June and back on July 15th. There shall begin to study in German academy, because maybe I live in Zurich. I study. Will study in the mornings and evenings will do sport. And I August I’ll be studying for recoveries of September.
I’ll go to Paris. I’m going on the 21th of July and back on July 29th. I visit the Eifel Tower and some museums of Art. For example the Lovre Museum. I’m sleeping in my aunty house’s. And later I going to visit my French cousins.

Port Aventura

This Friday some students from IES Camarles will spend an entire day in PortAventura .

In excurció go 10 teachers and many students will stay to lunch, ride to many attractions, such as Shambala, the dragon can, the next thing .. its technological stampede passes very well.


                                                                                         Ramon Labèrnia

                                                                                         Carles Ballester

                                                                                         3r A


This course was much harder than the others because the level has increased, we have learned many things and have experienced good times and bad times, initially we started the class very well but the second quarter we had a lot of notes and the teachers have told off much, now we are all clever and much better. This year was so difficult because some of the persons of the class did the class very bored. When the teachers were talking they were joking and laughing.

Aleix Fabra

David Meca

End of course

The penultimate week of the course there are examinations . The last Friday of the course  the high school pupils go to  PortAventura, and the penultimate week is the “Credit de Sintesi ” this year we only have four days to make it because on the first Monday is a local holiday village. And last week, on Monday and Tuesday are the days to resit the exams . I have to go deliver the credit at eight in the morning at the secretary, and upon finishing on Wednesday and Thursday  we have to present the credit in front of a  court.

Zulema Navarro

Yajaira Bertomeu


My holidays start on June 24th with San Juan, dinner at my house with the whole group and at night we will go to the Terrasseta.
At half summer I will go with my family to the Caribbean for 15 days. This trip is t go scuba diving with sharks but my parents don’ agree and another day I will go to the aquarium.
This summer holidays I will do be many funny things.
On 24th June, Sant Joan when we throw firecrackers and we meet kind friends.
I go to the beach and fish carbs with my father.
In village festivals, the bulls I will go with friends and then I will go out with them later.
In august 6, I will travel to Lebanon visit my grandparents.

Maria Montesó Rius I Éric Bellés Adada.

The Next Year!


Next year it will be our 4th year of ESO which implies a separation of pathways for people who want to study something or another. The first option is the Humanistic itinerary that includes letters and languages​​, the other the scientific that includes  sciences and biology. Finally there is the technological which includes physics and chemistry and technology as its name indicates.

We have chosen to make the Humanistic because we believe that is the most straightforward to do and it will be easier.

Sergi Lopez Gaya

Andrea Hermano Ventura