What have we done this course?

This course we’ve learnt a lot and we have had fun learning new things. We have to thank all the professors for their patience to help us to understand the most complicated things of the course.
In Spanish we learnt about the literature and his history and the most important works.
In Catalan we did many essays and we analyze sentences and we did three book exams.
In Biology we’ve learnt about the life and about the human-body.
In Physics and Chemistry we learnt about the atoms and how are they formed
In Math’s class we learnt how to solve equations.
In Music we learnt about his history and the most important composers, after that we played many partitures with the flute.
In Technology we’ve learnt about the operation of the engine and its parts.
And In English we learnt the irregular verbs, how to make a sentence and the verb tenses.

Festicals in our towns in summer

Festicals in our towns in summer
The major festival in Aldea is from the 7th to the 16th August. In the festival the people usually play with bulls. The people from Aldea and from other villages go there because they enjoy it a lot. At the same time the fairs are coming to town these days.
The major festival in Camarles is from the 22 to the 28 of july. The major festival will be in honor of Saint Jaume. There will be fireworks, distribution of food, competitions of drags, offering of flowers, procession for the honor of Saint Jaume., There will be fireworks, distribution of food, competitions of drag, offering of flowers procession the honor there will also be children actuates, dances and the most important event i playing with bulls! Om du vill få den oöverträffade spelupplevelsen, erbjuder casino utan konto med bonus ett brett urval av engagerande spel att spela. Be a mediterrean festival
Roman, David, Xavi


On June 6, 142 students from the institute Camarles will make a trip to Port Aventura accompanied by 10 teachers. They will leave at 8 o’clock in the morning and they will come back at 18 o’clock in the afternoon.

We think it will be really fun because the Port Aventura amusement park is a very large and on many  attractions.


Sergi Curto

Jaume curto

End of course

After a whole year of hard work, it is finaly the last week of exams. It will be a hard week because they are the final exams but it will go by very fast and it will soon be time for the “Crèdit de síntesis”.
This year the “crèdit” will be more dificult than other years because we only have 4 days, but hopefuly it will be enough time to finish it and get good marks.
After finishing it we will just have to present it to some teachers and the school year will be over.
Luckily, this year, we have the last Friday off, we will go to Port Aventura, so we can relax. But for now, we must concentrate on our final exams and pass them all, so good luck to everyone!

Laia Ballesté and Georgia Aitkin


The time table of our high school is from 8:00 to 14:30 hours.

We agree with this time table because we have time to do the homework, to go to the football training sessions, to go to play with our friends and do other jobbies. On the other hand, some teachers give us too much homework and we often haven’t got time to do a lot of homework.

Aleix Bertomeu

Aleix Còlera