Hi Ester…
How old are you?
– I’m 40 years old
Do you have any children?
– Yes, I have 2 children
Where do you live?
– I live in Vinaros
How long have you worked here?
– I worked here for 14 years
What kind of sport do you like?
– All sports but I preffer Basketball
What books do you like?
– I like history nobels, mistery and sience fiction
If you went to a desert island, what would you bring with you?
– My familly
What seasons do you prefer, summer or winter? Why?
-I like summer because for holidays and the beach, and I like winter because I went to snow
Do you have any ambitions about the future?
-Continue to be as happy as

This month we are learning various things to different subjects.
Catalan We are analysing sentences.
Spanish We are analysingsentences and reading “”
Maths We are studying equations of 2nd degree.
Geography We are learning about the services sector in Spain and Catalonia.
P.E We are doing acrosport
Arts We are drawing
Music We study the history of music
Pau brunet
David Meca


Find in these soup these 9 words:

EASTER      LENT          EGGS          HOLYWEEK     PALM      CALVARY




This months trips

The students of 1st of ESO are going to visit “Món Natura” on the 24th of April to view the flora and fauna. It is situated on the inferior part of the tongue of the delta of the Ebro and camouflaged between rice fields and lakes, “Món Natura” is one of the centres of interpretation of the flora and fauna of most importance in the region. At “Món Aventura” you can do various activities: family activities, observation activities or temporal activities.


On the 29th of april the students of 4th of ESO and 2nd of Bachilerate will be visiting “Corbera d’Ebre” to view the scenes of the Civil War in the Battle of the Ebro.

The Battle of the Ebro began at midnight on July the 25th, 1938, when the forces of members of the Army crossed the river Ebro breaking defensive lines of the Moroccan Army. The result of these operations was a war of attrition that led to the defeat of the Army of the Ebro, with less material and human resources that drove the campaign of Catalonia that began in December 1938.

In addition the Ebro was the setting for the withdrawal of the International Brigades of the territory of the Republic, announced on 21 September 1938 by President Negrin.

Article done by: Sara, Georgia and Laia

Saint George’s day in our school

As every year, in our school we celebrate Saint George’s day doing some great activities during the 23 rd of April. Students can choose which activities want to do filling a formulary. The activities that are celebrated are the following:

  • Cinema 1: In this activity students will watch the movie Cleaner
  • Cinema 2: In this activity students will watch the movie Rec
  • Cinema 3: In this activity students will watch the movie The Truman Show
  • Gardening: Here we’ll be the gardeners of the school for a day!
  • Cuttings from Iberian and Roman World: We’ll do cuttings about the iberian culture and the roman world. We are going to make warrior dresses and other dressing from this epoch.
  • Restoration of archeologic material: With some glue we will restorate a ceramic piece found in a archeological site putting  all the pieces together.
  • Quizshow: Do you want to feel like a TV contestant? Do you want to show what you know and win the other groups? English has never been so fun! Join us!
  • Traditional Games: We’ll practice traditional sports such as catalan bowling (also known as “bitlles”).
  • Crepes: Here we’ll prepare some delicious crepes!
  • Pancakes: Pancakes are very popular in the USA. We’ll make some of them and have a great breakfast!
  • Ancient paintings: We will do some ancient paintings on rocks and students can take them to home as a
  • Technology and cinema: Many movies use the technological and informatical progresses to create amazing special effects. We’ll see how do the do it!
  • Dishes around the world: Let’s taste dishes of different cultures around the world. Delicious!
  • Iron wire figures: Do you want to construct Saint George’s dragon? Here you can design and construct with iron wire the protagonists of Saint George’s history.
  • We decorate the school: We’ll make an amazing mosaic!
  • Batucade: Rythm, percussion and lots of fun!
  • Star workshop: We’ll construct stars with different geometric patterns.
  • Plants workshop: We’ll go around the school to collect plants from the area and we’ll prepare a mural with the plants.