1. 3.
2-               4.      


DOWN                                          ACROSS

  1. The superlative of good.          1. The comparative of thin
  2. The superlative of bad.            2. The comparative of tall.
  3. The superlative of old.             3. The comparative of big.
  4. The superlative of angry.         4. The comparative of small.
  5. The superlative of bland.         5. The comparative of young.







1.best.                                     1.thinner

2.worst                                    2.taller

3.older                                     3.bigger

4.angriest                                4.smaller

5.blandest                               5.young

Opinion essay

Social Groups.

A Social Group is a system formed by a group of persons who have the same roles in the society. A list of things define what is your social group like the average salary, educative level, the occupation, etc. This group of things can be easily identifiable, it has a structure form and it’s durable.
The people in the group act with the same rules, values and objectives agree on and required for a good realization of their purposes.

Different People.

The Socials Groups can help you to feel good with people like you in an specific aspect because for the rest of the society you are weird, strange and different just because they are all identical.

Be different is good, it makes you unique. But for the rest you are a “freak”, a marginalized person although it doesn’t have any type of relation necessarily.

I think the fact that not be like the rest is good, makes you interesting but, why the rest of the society see you lower, distinct, “bad” for they? Why can’t we live everybody together? We are persons.

Be different is cool but when people sees you like you are weird isn’t. That makes that you fell lower, that you have insecurities and that make you want to be like they, but this is an another point.


When I say ‘freak’, what’s the first thing that you think? The typical little boy with glasses and spots who is always roleplaying or playing videogames online, don’t you? Well, it’s not necessarily true. Some stereotypes are false. The truth is that sometimes the image of a stereotype is true (for example, some freaks are just like I described before), but it doesn’t have to be like that.

What do I mean with that? Some people usually think that a person, for belong a specific collective he (or she) is going to be just like they think the collective is and sometimes if a person is not how other people believe they start to laugh at them. It’s very common that someone thinks that someone has an ideology or type of acting only for the clothes he (or she) wears. You don’t have to be gothic because you wear dark clothes or something similar, for example.

There’s also another stereotype very seen recently and it’s the ‘perfect body’ one, and it takes me to the next point.


The stereotype of a perfect woman or a perfect man has been changing for many years. Time ago, the stereotype of a perfect woman (relating to the physical) was the one who had curves and was a little bit robust. But now the new stereotype of a perfect woman seems to be the one who is so skinny that you can see her bones. Sorry, I think that I’ve lost the moment when they said that is perfect that girls endanger their health and their life for a stereotype imposed by the society. I don’t really understand.

And what we do instead of change this stereotype so girls don’t suffer diseases like bulimia or anorexia so they can feel pretty? Encourage that diseases and call girls with ideal weigh ‘fat’. Fat? Where can you see that a girl with hips is fat? Also the only thing it makes is that this girl believes it and she really thinks she’s fat. Is like delete her self-esteem.

Wouldn’t be more logical let every girl have the body she wants to have? (In a healthy way). Wouldn’t be better to avoid that ‘perfect woman’ stereotypes and stop criticizing people for their body? We’re not going anywhere like that.

Interview Griselda

Hello Griselda, how are you? I’m fine.

  1. Where do you come from? I come from l’Aldea.
  2. Where do you live? I live in Amposta.
  3. Do you have children? If so how many. Yes I have one daughter.
  4. Are you married? How long have you been married? Yes, for two Years.
  5. Do you like your students? I haven’t students.
  6. Do you like sports like basketball or football? Yes I like swimming.
  7. What do you like doing in your free time? I like reading books.
  8. What hobbies do you have? I like running.
  9. What age are your students? I’m haven’t students.
  10.  How long have you been a teacher? In how many schools and high schools have        you been administrative?  For seven years
  11.  How long have you been in this high school?  For two years.


Thank you. Bye.


Our opinion about  smart phones:

Smartphones are good because we can  call emergencies, APPS for phones ( tools, GPS…) Smartphones have internet and can we talk with other people for free,they  can be very useful. But sometimes they are not so good, for example: ithey can be perjudicial because we use them most time, and they are perjudicial for eyes. Moreover some smartphones are very expensive and sometimes t people can see where you are.

A lot of  smartphones have flat screen but it can be easily broken. The batteries are expensive and have low energy.

People are very  dependent of their Phone because there can chat with friends, study, play games, make photos…

By: Roman & Xavi


This month on 30th the students of 4th of ESO and the optional of La Revista will go to Barcelona. In the morning they will go to visit the Studio of TV3 in Jacint Verdaguer , Sant Joan Despí.

In the afternoon they will go to see a theatral play called Bits by Tricicle. It is a  comedy where three people make funny actions. Computer science and new technologies have inspired the last show Tricycle Bits. With over thirty years on stage, this could be the last new arrangement of John Grace, Paco Mir and Carles Sans, who are beginning to think about retirement.

The Three Wise Men’s parade

The Three Wise Men’s parade

As every year, the Three Wise Men come to our villages to give presents to children who have been good during the year. On 5th January they go arround the streets of the villages on a parade and their pages give sweets to the children.Captura

In each village (l’Aldea, Camarles and L’Ampolla) they have different parades and we’d like to show you how they have been this year in some of those towns.

In Camarles, where we live, the Three Wise Men’s parade wasn’t very spectacular. The route of the parade was from the Tower to the Presidents’ plaza. They were in a cart with a donkey and it was followed by an empty coach. It was very depressing! The only special thing from the parade was a kind of small circus with clowns, faquirs…

In l’Aldea the parade was bigger than Camarles’ one. There were 3 coaches and a van. It started at 7 pm and the streets were crowded. It ended at 10 pm, when they gave the presents to the children.

Anyway, the Three Wise Men gave the presents to the children and everyone enjoyed this special day.

Roger Giné, Joan Curto, William Navarro and Zulema Navarro



Olga’s interview

-What is your name? My name is Marga Faiges Comí.

-How old are you?  I am 39 years old.

-Where are you from?  I’m from L’Ampolla.

-What is your job in this secondary school? I work as concierge.

-Have you worked in other jobs? Yes, I have worked as an administrative and a waitress.

-How long have you worked in this secondary school? I have worked in this secondary school for 3 years.

-Have you got any hobbies? Yes, I sometimes listen to music.

-Do you like reading? Yes, I do. Do you like travelling? Yes, I do. What’s your favourite place? My favourite place is “La Bretagne” (France).

-Do you like working with teenagers? Yes, I do.

-Are you married? Yes, I am. Do you have any children? Yes, I have. How old are them? They are 9 and 4 years old.

-Have you got any pets? No, I haven’t any. I don’t like pets.

Anna Alegre, Júlia Mateos, Lluïsa Estorach and Maria Montesó

What we are learning this month

In the English class we are learning about superlatives and comparatives. Examples: good/better/best, expensive/more expensive/most expensive. We are also writting the bloc in a small group.

In the Maths class we are learning about equations and solving problems with equations.

In the Geography class we are learning about the services sector and industry.

In the Catalan class we are learning about the complements of the verb: direct object, indirect object, adverbs…

In the Spanish class we are learning about the syntax: the noun phrase, the verb phrase.

In the Biology class we are learning about the vital funtions of the beings. We are also studying the parts of the eye, the ear, the brain…

In the Arts class we are learning about circumferences, segments and colours.

In the P.E. we are learning how to play badminton: types of serve (the short one and the long one) and trypes of hits (drive, drop, smash, clear)

In the Music class we are learning about the music in The Renaissance and learning how to play a few songs on the recorder, When I was your man, Cero, Mal de amores and Locked out of heaven.

In the Tecnology class we are learning about the electricity: resistence, intensity, tension…

In the Citudadania we are watching a movie called “Central station of Brazil”. After this we will answer some qüestions about the movie.

In the E.A. we are watching a movie called “Searching for happiness” and doing a summary and questions about it.

In the Optional Class do French, a magazine, special maths class, classic culture… For exemple, in French class we are learning about furniture.