Interview to Esther Santos

Good morning Esther we are going to make you a short interview to ask you some professional and personal life questions.

1. Do you work outside school? No I’m only a teacher

2. Did you study professional studies or did you do baccularate? I went to university and then I started working.

3. Have you got a  Degree in P.E? Yes I studied a degree for 7 years.

4.Which  Degree did you want to study? I wanted to study Biology.

5. How long were you studying? I have been working for fifteen years.

6. Where have you been teaching? I’ve been in Mollet, Hospitalet and Tarragona.

And now some personal questions

7.Have you got a hobby? Yes, sport.

8.Do you have children? Yes, two.

9.Where do you live? I’m live in la Rapita.


Bullying at school is the intimidation and mistreatment among students. It can be repeated and last for a long time.

Adults don’t usually know the student’s problem because bullying is a type of violence very difficult to identify. It can be physical and psychical violence and both people who suffer them are usually weak and not very confident people.



Lluïsa, Anna, Júlia and Maria


Tongue Twisters, Crosswords… (I)




1- Something that most of the students hate. They usually come when the term had finished.

2- Something that makes you laugh.

3- The place you go to watch movies.

4- Someone who makes friends very easily.

5- English is one of them.

6- Someone who doesn’t like giving things to other people.

7- A person who acts very carefully.

8- A person who doesn’t usually talk. The students must be…

9- A very active person.


There are eight words hidden in this wordsearch

Tip: All of them are related to character (selfish, shy, talkative…)


Tongue Twister

So she bought a bit of butter,

better than her bitter butter,

and she baked it in her batter,

and the batter was not bitter.

So it was better to Betty Botter

bought a bit of better butter.


Know something like the back of you hand’ (saber alguna cosa com la part exterior de la mà) s’empra per a dir que en saps molt sobre un tema.

You’re all heart!” (ets tot cor) s’utilitza per a dir-li a algú que és molt simpàtic o generós, però amb ironia.

Don’t cry over spilt milk’ (no ploris per la llet que ja ha caigut) serveix com a consell per a dir que no pateixes per coses que ja han passat i no es poden canviar.

A little bird tells you something’ (un ocellet m’ha dit una cosa): vol dir que algú t’ha dit alguna cosa, però que no diràs qui ha estat.

To sell like hot cakes’ (Vendre’s com pastissos calents) –Es diu quan un producte es ven amb rapidesa.

Mutton dressed as lamb’ (ovella amb pell de corder): és diu quan una dona vella porta roba pensada més aviat per joves.

His bark is worse than his bite’ (el seu lladruc és pitjor que la seva mossegada) s’utilitza quan una persona amenaça de fer alguna cosa però no la duu a terme.


Answers to the crossword and the wordsearch




Interview to Leo Pérez

Where were you born?

I was born in València.

Where do you currently live?

I live in la Ràpita.

How long have you been teaching in IES Camarles?

For 8 years.

Have you taught in another school?

Yes, in two other High schools and three Primary schools.

What subject do you teach?

You know that, music.

Do you like your job?

Yes, I love it.

Have you worked as something else?

I’m conducting a brass band.

What did you want to be when you were young?


What are your hobbies?

Music, I don’t have hobbies (he laughs) my boy.

 Where do you want to visit?

England, any place.

 What music do you like?

Everything but hardcore.

 What is your favourite food?

My favourite food… spaghetti.

And your favourite movie? And your favourite book?

Guns and Roses. My favourite book… Mr. Pip.

A woman stabbed her parents in L’Ampolla last month

The police of L’ampolla reported using the social nets (facebook and twitter) that the last 19 august September 2013 at about two o’clock in the morning, a thirty-five years old with mental problems stabbed her parents. They could call the emergency number and the local police went to their house, at the outskirts of l’Ampolla, next to the Perelló. When they arrived, they found the woman and some kitchen knives with blood on the floor.

Her father stayed in the ICU (Intensive care unit) of the HVC (Verge de la Cinta’s hospital) with some stabs in the stomach and her mother was out of the ICU with a stab in the lung. The woman after hurt her parents, tried to hurt herself but the police prevent her from doing it and the doctors assist they. The woman was under arrest.



2n course of comenius: ”Waterborne Identifies”

During this  second course of  comenius, four pupils of 1st of bacculerate will travel to Noruega, Ulsteinwik.

There will be four pupils and two teachers,on 4th of November they will travell to Ulsteinwik and will come back on  8th of November. In Ulsteinwik the students will stay with families. In the mornings  they will go to school and present their projects and in the afternoon they will go sightseeing. The town of Ulsteinwik is the comercial and administrative centre of the municipality of Ulstein in Norway.They will follow the rute of Barcelona-Frankfur, then from Frankfur-Oslo, and from Olso to Ulsteinwik, they are going by plane.



One Saturday, at night I went to in the forest because I had arranged to be there with my

friends and then suddenly there was a thunder and it became even darker.

I wasn’t  with my friends and I was afraid I was also  cold.

I shouted and shouted  but no one answered me I only heard the thunders and the rain

after  I went to my car but the wheels were punctured. Everything  was so cold and dark.

I began to walk to the forest to search my friends, in the far I saw a woodhouse and I went to it

When I approached at the woodhose I saw a silhouette through the window …

Carlos Bullón Rigal biography


Carlos Bullón Rigal was born on 12th  March in 1960. He lives in Sant Carles de la Ràpita. He studied (magisterium) in Barcelona. He started the degree in 1979 and finished in 1982. He worked in seven schools and now works in ‘’Institut de Camarles’’. His hobbies are walking , fishing, playing football, reading,… He loves gastronomy. He has got two children, Albert Bullón and Carlos Bullón. He was married in 1986. When he was young he loved art. He likes reading books: Los Pilares de la Tierra, by Ken Follet. He loves films by Charles Chaplin very much, for example: El Gran Dictador. His favourite sport is football. He travelled to France, Switzerland, Italy and different cities of Spain.