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Mythology,Shakespeare and other famous poets


Mythology : explanation of the Solar System, myths, etc.

The website of the most famous English poets

All about Shakespeare’s Sonnets

All about Shakespeare : life, plays, pics, films ….

Shakespeare’s sayings

Some famous sentences from Shakespeare still in use today which were coined at the time of the poet.

Here you’ll find a collection of the most famous and their sources. Some of them are even used in other languages

Shakespeare’s images


Dictionaries,glossaries,Verbs lists,Ph.verbs list,vocab.ex.,etc.

Radio Glossary

Phrasal Verbs Dictionary

Phrasal Verbs List  : meanings and examples

Verbal Tenses : Explanations, examples and exercises

On-line Dictionary

Most common Phrasal Verbs : meanings and examples

The Website of Regular Verbs

The Website of Irregular Verbs

Latin words in English

Etymology Dictionary

Tongue Twisters  for children
English Idioms and common expressions

Phrasal Verbs with explanations, examples and ex.

Verbal Tenses : Explanations, examples and exercises

Modals : Explanations, examples and exercises