My name is Sandra. Descarat I’m 12 years old. I live in Catalonia. I study in Gras i Soler school. My favorite subject is Maths  and my favorite workshop is Theatre. My English teacher’s name is Yolanda.



In my free time i like singing and dancing and watching TV.

Sometimes I read a little  Innocent and watch films. My favorite film is High School Musical and Pirates of the Caribbean and my favorite soap is H2O.  Avergonit

My family:

Sandra’s family

These are my mother my father my sister and me. I do not have pets but I like them. My favorite pets are dogs. My sister is 14 years old.


My favorite foods are  soup and spaghetti. Descarat I do not like vegetables I can’t stand them. Crit Before I did not like icicles but now I do. Petó

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