My name’s Miguel, but my friends call me Miky. I’m 11 years old. I’m tall and burly.I’ve got brown hair and green eyes, I have got neither freckles nor spots. I usually comb my hair in a mohawk.

Here you can find some pictures of me.

miguel pla mig

I love acting and participating in shows!

Miguel 2


I love my family, we are four people: my father’s name is Manuel; My mother’s name is Angelica and my sister’s name is Bibi and I’m the baby of the family.  


I’ve got many hobbies, but I prefer playing football and playing with my computer. This is a picture of me in my football team uniform, a couple of years ago.

miguel in soccer uniform


My favoritre subjects

In my primary school we study many subjects, but my favourites are Maths and Social Science, which is a mixture between History and Geography.

Regards, Miguel Ángel Martín Botello

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