My name is Jennyfer. I am 11. I live in Barcelona (Catalonia). I am from Lime (Peru). I’ve been in Spain for 3 yars and 2 months. Here you can find some photos of me.

jenny in dad's office

jenny as a small girl 

My family consists in my parents (José and Maria), my sister Licet and me. My mum cooks some delicious meals. My father takes me for walks around Barcelona and my siter is the best. Sometimes I spend a whole afternoon playing with her.

Jenny's family

This is my family 

Jenny and sister

And that’s my sister and me. 

I am very good at Theatre, Mathematics and using the Internet.

I love skating, playing volleyball, theatre, watching series (for instance as “Internships”, “H2O”, “Zowe 101”, “Shin-Chan” and “The Simpsons”) and soaps (like “Las tontas no van al cielo”, “Fox” and “Dame Chocolate”). My favorite movies are “The Eye”, “Lost call” and “High School Musical”. I would like to go to Paris, Acapulco or Guadalajara (the Mexican Guadalajara, not the Spanish one)

My best friends are Cristina, Rachel, Sandra, Miriam, Karen, Ivan, Albert, Michael and Charles

49 thoughts on “Jennyfer

  1. sandra

    Hello jennyfer!!!!
    your sister is very beautiful… and you 😀
    bye bye beautiful girl!!!
    a kiss


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