HI!! Somriure
My name’s Ivan. I’m 12 years old. My birthday is the 29 of February. I’m a student. I live in Sant Just d’Esvern, and I study in Gras i Soler school. My favourite subjects are MathsGuai! and Physical Education. In my free time, I paint Warhammers, play videogames and play with the computer too.

Ivan hotshot

One of my hobbies is painting Warhammers. Painting Warhammers is very cool, but very difficult, because the miniatures are very small.I like playing with my Playstation, and surfing the Web. . I’m an skater too. In the weekends, I go to events like halfs…, but normaly I go with my friends. Another of my hobbies is watch pressing cath. My favorite fighters is Jonh Cena. These are my favourite hobbies.

ivan's skateboard                             John Cenna                      

I don’t have any pets, but I have a very beautiful sister, her name’s Carla.Petó

ivan's little sis


My favourite food is spaghetti. Spaghetti come from China and they are made from pasta. Pasta is good, if you put in it tomato and vegetables the pasta is very tasty.Pasta gansa!

My room
My room is big. I have a cupboard, a table and a bed.

My best friends are: Carlos, Albert, Miguel and Sandra.Avergonit

My favourite place
My favourite place is in Greece. Concretely in Cretan maze. This is a magic site because long time ago, there lived a Minotaur.Fer l'ullet



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