My name’s Albert and I am 11 years old. I am a student in the 6th grade in school Gras i Soler. I have very good marks. I like playing football, tennis and playing with my friends.

My father is 45 years old, my mother is 40 years old. My family is small: my mother, my father my brother and me. My brother is 13 years old and I am 11 years old. I don’t have a pet.

albert's family in Paris


Hobbies and favorite foods
My hobby is painting and doing homework. My favorite food is chips, meat, “canelons” and the best for me is spaghetti. Anyways, I like all kinds of meat, pasta etc…

Favorite subjects
My favorite subject is Maths, I like Maths. I go a Kumon classes. In Kumon we do Maths with a different method. I like it, but it is very difficult. I also like Social and Natural Science. I like studying for tests. I usually have very good marks.

When I grow up I will be an engineer. I like an engineering work and I like Maths. Engineers work with Maths, so I like Maths. In my class I am the first or second one.

Favorite place
My favorite place is in France (DISNEYLAND RESORT PARÍS). I went to DISNEYLAND RESORT PARÍS, and Tour Eiffel, THE CATHEDRAL OF NOTREDAME and I saw the ARC DE TRIOMPHE but I went to the funfair. I was very happy, because I went with my cousins.

Arch of Triumph                tour eiffel            

Here you can see some of my favourite views of Paris.

Albert Álvarez Aparicio – 6è

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  1. m in r

    hello! we are ana and ana.we are best friend.we want to mect you.we are 12 years old.we love horses,fish,cats and dogs.
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  2. albert

    hello! my name’s Albert and I am 11 years old. my favorites animals are lion,tiger,dogs.
    my favorites progames are zoey 101, dragon ball z.
    where leave in the photo.

    bye bye

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    I nevereat cous cous and sushi
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    you like spaguetti??

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