Let’s visit Lascaux (back to the Palaeolithic)

Do you want to go back to the past? Do you want to walk along this long cave? Do you want to look at the wonderful paintings?

Let’s go to Lascaux, one of the most famous  caves where we find paintings from the Palaeolithic. This cave is in France.



English Camp in l’Espluga de Francolí

We are attending an English camp in l’Espluga de Francolí. Here, there are some comments from our students and some photographs.

“The hostel is very big” by Isatou.

“I like this hostel a lot, but we don’t have permission to pass the limits” by Hammat.

“The bathroom is for a lot of people” by Jaka.

“I liked today because we did a reseach in l’Espluga de Francolí” by David and Isatou.

“People from l’Espluga de Francolí are very nice” by Isatou.

“I like all the activities” by Alain and Alassana.

“I like art with natural materials” by Isatou and Sharon.

“We dyed T-shirts” by Aida and Tida.


1. First they painted their feelings.

2. Then they found animals footprints. Were they from a wild boar or a big bear????

3. On Tuesday afternoon, they prepared some land art.

4. Later they dyed a white T-shirt.

5. On Wednesday morning, they walking to find information about l’Espluga de Francolí.

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Inspirations is a masterpiece that mixes Art and Maths. The artist is Cristobal Vila and I want to say “Thank you very much” for it!

If you want to read and learn more about the Maths behind this video go to: http://www.etereaestudios.com/docs_html/inspirations_htm/maths_index.htm

Beatrix Potter: her life

Do you want to know more things about Beatrix’s life? Click on the image and you will find an interesting timeline.

Day of Peace

Last week we celebrated “the Day of Peace” at school. But Peace is not to be celebrated just once a year! Rosa Parks, born in 1913, is a good example of a person who used peaceful actions to go against a horrible problem: racism.
Now you can listen to her voice.

Read the TV transcript

Hallowe’en lamps!

This year just five children made a Hallowe’en lamp, but they are really nice!! Have a look!

Apples from Lleida

Last Wednesday children from Year 1 to Year 6 went to Barris Nord the place where our town basketball team plays. There were children from lots of schools; children from Lleida and from villages near Lleida. They reminded us that fruit is very important for a healthy diet and gave us a juicy apple. The apple was in a plastic container that we can reuse, for example, to bring fruit at school.
Sorry! You can’t see the apple because it’s in my tummy!

Remember! It's to reuse!

Motor Mania

This is a very interesting film made in 1950 by Walt Disney Productions. Mr. Walker (Goofy) is a lovely person, but when he drives his car he becomes a bad person.

When you will be an adult: Be a lovely person when you will get behind the wheel of your car!


Who Are Rulo and Krudel?

Rulo and Krudel are two artists who illustrated one of our school walls.
Why did they illustrate it? Because our school community has dreams and one dream is…: To improve the appearance of the school.

Ready to start?

Are you ready to start a new school year? … Yes?
Remember that we can do important things all together! Look at these children, they can go… very far away because they help each other, they make an effort… and they stay curious.