Hey there, this is my city!

Pupils from 3rd grade have made a Sabadell’s map and written the places of this city in english. Can you recognize them? We love our city, we love Sabadell!

Exploring the invertebrates!

Today, with the microscope of the school, we have seen the invertebrates that children caught during the playground time. It was amazing to see them in the screen super big! And very close! We love invertebrates, we love science!

Writing on paper each time we want to learn is sooooo boring, it’s because of that many times we use the little “boards” to make games. In this case, we use them to write 2 things we have, and one more we don’t have, but our mates don’t know wich one is the false, so they have to ask questions.

  • Do you have…?
  • No, I don’t / yes, I do.

They love write and erase in theese little boards.


3rd grade pupil’s decorating the corridor!

As 3rd grade pupils have been working so huge in the locomotor system proyect, now they are able to make their own skeleton bone by bone and placing it in the corridor of 3rd grade classrooms. (They used their brain, wich is located inside the cranium and listening music of “Pelvis” Presley, ho ho ho).


4th Numbers are cool!

Let’s play bingo and remember the numbers!





Juguem al bingo i recordem els nombres!

4th ABC song

Let’s remember the alphabet!



Recordem l’abecedari!

Merry christmas!


How can we classify the animals?


At 2nd grade we have just finished the birds project (eagles and hawks), but we wanted to know more about animals.


So, with toy animals, we looked for their names in animal’s books and we sorted them according to their families: mammals, birds, fishs, reptiles or amphibians.


What pet should I get?

Hello everyone!

Charlotte is helping us to learn English in so many ways!

She explain us that story that we found it hilarious!

It’s about two kids that have to choose a pet for their house and finally…. what pet do you think they get?

Here there are some of the pets we thought they get!

You can listen to the story in that video



4t Let’s practice vocabulary!

Practice vocabulary about the respiratory and the digestive sytems with Quizlet. Let’s go!:






Practica el vocabulary del sistema respiratori i del sistema digestiu amb Quizlet. Som-hi!