WORKSHOPS 2013-2014

2. Poster at Glogster

  • Andrea A and Anna R.

  • Alan and Adrián R

  • Xavi and Alan

  • Pol and Eduard

  • Melany and Camila

  • Laura and Ana Z

  • Marta N and Maria T

  • Andrea and Camila

  • David and Erik P.

  • Nadine and Adrián G

  • Victor and Oriol

  • Mohamed and Jordi

  • Alberto and Brian B

  • Nicolás and Dani

  • Alejandro and Adrián F

  • Mar and Marta M

  • Amira and Rocio

  • Ainhoa and Marina

  • Vero and Ona

  • Igor and Raúl

  • Daniela and Olalla

  • Arantxa and Álvaro

  • Laura and Marian

  • Roger and Junior

  • Oriol L and Alberto I

  • Jose and Adrián G

  • Paula and Marta S

  • Eric B and Isaac

  • Pei Long and Fran

  • Maria José and Adrián J

  • Edu and Sergi

  • Álex A and Óscar

  • Eva and Judith

  • Ainhoa and Victoria

  • Andrea S and Ester

  • Iker and Álex L

  • Sara and Gisela

  • Raül and Gloria

  • Ariadna and Lucia


  • Bryan A, Álex C and Jia Le



5è and 6è are making these comics in the English workshop:

1. Comics at Pixton











  • Pei-Long, Junior and Fran: coming soon





  •  Daniela and Marian: coming soon






WORKSHOPS 2012-2013

5è and 6è have done two workshops in English:


1.  Games in English


2. Animation show at Domo








Here are the documents for the workshop: Animation show at Domo.

Aquí teniu els documents pel taller del vídeo d’animació a Domo.
  • Domo instructions (instruccions)
  • Storyboard (vinyetes)
  • Master for every group with the email and password (la mostra per a cada grup amb l’email i la contrasenya)


Here are the different story videos:

1. “The battle in the ship” by Toni, Óscar and David

2. “Love story” by Selena, Desi and Gloria

3. “An unexpected  robbery” by Caterina, Alicia and Elsa

4. “Vyolet” by Vero, Laura and Andrea A.

5. “Galactica fight” by Ferran O and Daniel

6. “The impossible” by Judith, Pol and Raquel

7. “Trained monster” by Mario and Alejandro G.

8. “Robbers in the bank” by Sergi and Alan

9. “L’escola Pablo Picasso” by Raúl R.

10. “Domo and his adventures” by Claudia, Izhán and Marta

11. “Slenderman” by Cristina, Carla, Gerard V and Javier

12. “Adds movie” by Dani and Oriol

13. “Monster invasion” by Marc

14. “A football player in love” by Marta R., Kevin and Jordi

15. “The three girls and the ghost” by Laura, Ona, Andrea and Aina

16. “Love in Paris” by Noemí and Gisela

17. “The big travel” by Ariadna, Olalla and Marta N.

18. “Love at first sight” by José, Brian B and Jan

19. “The journey to Paris” by Judit and Laura

20. “The friends” by Aroa, Hala and Alba

21. “The fat” by Juan and Sergio N.

22. “The escape of Frankensteins” by David, José and Junior

23. “Scary dream” by Fede, Ainhoa and Guiomar

24. “Holidays” by Claudia H. and Paula

25. “Halloween night” by Manel, Sergio G, Moisés Natalia and Ylenia

26. “One problem” by Maria José and Bintu

27. “The superstars” by Amira and Ainhoa

28. “The buy” by Iker, Adrián F. and Bryan A.

29. “The family in the planet” by Naima, Lucia and Núria

30. “The mistery ghost” by Adrián R and Victor

31. “The bad dog” by Ariadna, Silvia and Eloy

32. “Holidays” by Melany, Naila and Marta

33. “The invasion of the Earth” by Alejandro Z and Marc

34. “The three girls” by Marta S., Andrea S. and Naiara

35. “Vampire class” by Fran and Adrián H.

36. “Playing” by Álvaro

37. “I love you, you love me?” by Noemí and Carmen

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