I liked this film, “the butterfly Circus”. It’s a sad movie and I felt sorry, but in the end everything ends well.
I really liked the part where the boy throws himself in the pool. It is impressive how he dips without legs or arms.

Who wants to give their opinion of this short film?

HELLO TO EVERYBODY! This video is for the ones who don’t know how to tie their shoes: So, here you are, the easiest way to tie a shoe!


UP FOR LOVE. It’s a French film about a boy who is a dwarf. he is also rich. He loves a girl and the girl loves him. But the girl has an ex husband who is jealous and here the film starts. (Genís German Soriano)


ROGUE ONE is a story of the Star Wars saga. It is set when Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader and the Republic submits a bounty hunter to search the map of the Death Star (“la estrella de la muerte”)
(Marc Cuenca vilà)