Erasmus CLIL Science

EERASMUS PROJECTS: During the last term we have had visits of our Erasmus + parter schools, in May and June. Our 6th grade students have shown the school to the foreign teachers.

The 6th grade students have played the recorder for our visits:

In this page we are going to upload science articles, photos, videos and some other interesting things. We are doing an Erasmus CLIL project.

Arnau Y Marc A


During the second term we have been studying the Universe. Here there is a presentation made by Aleix Bosch (5thA). We hope you liked it!!


The 5th graders are preparing experiments about matter and forces, the unit we have been learning about during this 1st term. These experiments are about mixtures, filtering, sieving,…also about magnetism, and gravitation, buoyancy,…

In this section we are going to upload some of the works. We hope you enjoy them: