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London Town

Here you are some amazing and fantastic pictures from our 5th graders. We are looking at different famous places and buildings in London Town: Tower Bridge, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament…

dani-b-buckingham-palace.jpg laia-tower-bridge.jpg

Dani B.                                                    Helen G.

marc-c-double-decker-buses.jpg chris.jpg

    Marc C.                                               Chris

helen-the-tower-bridge.jpg joan-m-london-eye.jpg 

Laia  F.                                                     Joan M.  


Skateboard Queens and Kings!

5th grade

Every year we write a description of our skateboard queen or king. We think about the description, the clothes, the place… everything is possible because he or she is our skateboard queen/king. Here you are some examples from Elena, Jose Antonio, Elia, Silviu, Laia, and Isabel.

helen-skateboard-queen.jpg    jose-reyes-skateboard-king.jpg 

elia-skateboard-queen.jpg    silviu.jpg 

laia-skateboard-queen.jpg     isabel-skateboard-queen.jpg

Oral Presentations

The 6th graders are doing oral presentations about their favourite singer or band. They are explaining the band with their own words (not copying internet, that’s too easy!), singing their favourite song and preparing an activity to the class.

Here you are some pics:

activities.jpg bits-and-pieces.jpg 

europe.JPG  rolling-stones.jpg

jorge-and-jinqiang.jpg on-computers.jpg

michael-jackson.jpg shakira-and-beyonce.jpg


The 6th grade is participating on a TV show called ‘Play’ (K3, Fridays at 19.00). On Thursday 17th we are going to TV3 studios to record everything!

We are really excited and, at playground time, we are rehearsing the songs A LOT. Here you are some pictures. We will keep you inform about everything…

rehearsing1.jpg rehearsing3.jpg 

 rehearsing2.jpg rogerandbelen.jpg

Friday 18th April

We had a great day and an amazing experience!!! We were really, really good!! Singing, dancing, spelling, maths, and so on. And we got 229 points…now we have to wait until September to watch the game show on TV.

Your teachers are very proud of you. CONGRATULATIONS!!