Jake the snake body parts

Jake is a snake who wants to show us the body parts. He’s got a little problem but finally he finds a solution and can shows us some parts in his body.
Look at the video and find them!

Do you remember Jake’s body parts in the video?

Routines and time on the net

Let’s surf the web!

Look at the questions and use the links below to find the answers. Finally, choose a country to do exercise 6.

  1. What time do British people have lunch?
  2. What is a typical English breakfast?
  3. What is a typical English ‘packed lunch’?
  4. What time zone is Australian Capital Territory in?
  5. What is the standard time zone in Brazil?
  6. Choose a country and write about it:
  • Name of the country:
  • Name of three important cities:
  • Time zone:
  • Colours in its flag:
  • Nearby ocean(s):





When you have all the answers, download the worksheet and complete it with the information you found on the net. Print your exercise.

Next day, you’ll explain what you have found to your classmates.