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Our wonderful ABC

Aquest curs l’alumnat de 2n i 3r ha participat en el projecte eTwinning “Our wonderful ABC”, 

2nd grade, 3rd grade, eTwinning, older projects, Our wonderful ABC

Polyglot T-shirts

Aquest curs la nostra escola ha impulsat el projecte eTwinning “Polyglot T-shirts”. Hi ha participat l’alumnat dels nou grups-classe de 4t, 5è i 6è

4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, eTwinning, older projects, Polyglot T-shirts

T.O.W.N. (season 2)

During the ending school year, 4th-grade students had been participating in an  eTwinning project:

T.O.W.N. 18-19

Proud of our T.O.W.N.

During many weeks 4th-grade students have been working hard on the eTwinning project T.O.W.N. to build maquettes of Sentmenat,

eTwinning, T.O.W.N. 17-18

Ready to make the maquettes

Students have collected lots of recyclable materials. On a map, Sentmenat is divided into eighteen zones.

eTwinning, T.O.W.N. 17-18

A new challenge!

Our students in 4th grade have now the opportunity to participate in an  eTwinning  project.

eTwinning, T.O.W.N. 17-18