The circus

For our Semana Cultural the theme was the circus. In the weeks leading up to the Semana Cultural we studied the Circus in our english classes. We wanted to learn what  happened at the circus. We wanted to know what the circus performers were and what they did.  We watched videos on youtube, we used PowerPoint presentations and we even made our own circuses. We learned about magicians, animals, strongmen, knife throwers, tightrope walkers, clowns and jugglers.the-circus-actual-one3


Boys and girls from 3 rd primary school are doing a project with schoolchildren in Poland. Today we cooked a cake and we are writing a Catalan cookbook to send and share our cuisine with Polish cuisine.

You can have a look at the cookers here.

New English Blog

Hello friends !

We are pupils and English teachers of El Polvorí school in Barcelona.

We would like to show you some of our English activities.

We are working in a PELE (oral project) and in an eTwinning too.

Thank you!!