Our friends put the Latest games to the test!


Game: Assasins creed 3

Graphics: 100

Script: 100

Difficulty: 90

Score: 96

Opinion: It is an interesting game for all ages,kill about going to the heads without mercy, for me has the best graphics of all games and it is the best (by Aaron).

Price: 70 euros.











Game: Fifa 2013

Graphics: 100

Script: 0

Difficulty: 50

Score: 50

Opinion: it is a game that entertain if you like playing football  games.

Price: 60 euros.













Game: Saints Road 3

Graphics: 80

Script: 90

Difficulty: 70

Score: 80

Opinion: It is a interesting game. this game is a virtual life, you can live in the house that you hope and you can the cars (by kevin).


Game: Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Graphics: 100

Script: 100

Difficult: 90

Score: 96

Opinion: it is a game with a interesting story about modern wars (by Aaron).

My future


I am going to dinner with my girlfriend next week. I want to be special dinner.










I am going to live with my girlfriend when i am 19 years old.









My football team are going to finish good the season.






by Aaron.

Hurricane Katrina


Katrina devastated New orleans in USA.

This was his trajectory.

water flooded the city.

People climbed in the roof for help.

Survivors was taken to the Dome.

More than 1800 people died.

In august 2005 we was in holidays. We didn’t watch news and i know nothing.

My room (horrible or wonderful ???)


My city


My city is Cornellà de Llobregat. My city is big and there are a lot of differents places.








In my city there is:

One police station.

One fire station.

One castle.

One market.

One river.

One laundry.


In my city there are:

Six cibercafes.

Three subway stations.

Five parks.

Four High Schools.

Ten petrol station.

Four Hospitals.

Twenty-six hairdressers.

Three hotels.


And restaurants, cinema, etc.

How many restaurants do you think that threre are in Cornellà?

In this web you can finding another places of Cornellà:  http://cornella.planol.info/

By Hans


Incredible Houses


Do sometimes you have dreamed that you live in a house tree?










The tree houses are incredible but in the world there are another amazing houses. We have searched and we have found these houses:

The most expensive house in the world.









Smallest house in the world. This houses is in Mexico.










Do you like these houses?


What do you love about Christmas?


I like Christmas time for family dinners, holidays with my girlfriend and gifts. I d0n’t hate nothing about Christmas.

by Aaron

I like family dinners and gifts. Too i can sleeping and i can playing to play station.

by Kevin

And you, what do  you love most about Christmas? What do you like to do?

Origen de la Navidad


Yo creo que Jesucristo  no nacio justo en el dia de navidad. Yo creo que es una excusa que han puesto para celebrar esa fiesta.

Los cristianos se aprovechan que ya existe esa fiesta romana y le han canviado el nombre y le han puesto navidad.

Los romanos celebraban las fiestas de Saturno durante una semana y el dia principal era el 25 de diciembre.

Ese dia coincide con el del solsticio de invierno que es cuando los dias duran menos y las noches són mas largas.

¿Que pensais vosotros del origen de la Navidad?

by Aaron

My dream house


A mansion with garden. A big garage with sport car and hammer.I like to have  50 bedrooms to guest, 2 dining-room, a party room with DJ, 3 living-room with tv,bathroom with jacuzzi and hidromas shower.

My party room










How is your dream house????

Science week


This week is the science week. We have done an experiment of Nature Science class. We have put milk and colorant in to the dish. Finally, we add soap and …

Here, you can see the result.


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