This web gives support to an International Study Visit 2014

On behalf of the Generalitat of Catalonia and of our Minister of Education, have a warm welcome to this International Study Visit, on “Educational cooperation with professional institutions to promote language skills 2014″. Learn more about this Study Visit (Num. 31/3/2014-4/4/2014 Barcelona, Spain) on the CEDEFOP Study Visits Dossier 2013-14 (p. 227).
We hope that you will find this event a stimulating and rewarding experience.

The Catalan Department of Education is aware of the importance of languages for social and professional inclusion. Schools and educational institutions encourage plurilingualism to promote lifelong learning, effective vocational studies and development of future professional life skills. We develop innovative language teaching methodologies, working together with companies and enterprises.
In this Study Visit we will show our policies and methodologies for educational cooperation in different social contexts. We will visit schools running different programmes focused on CLIL, project work, volunteering and international mobility for training and education.

Participants will learn about:
• the Catalan education system, local language policies, programmes and projects;
• national and international initiatives to improve communicative competences by using different languages;
• good practices in primary, secondary, vocational and postcompulsory education to develop inclusive strategies, creative learning and entrepreneurship;
• effective practices for community cooperation between enterprises and educational and social institutions;
• lifelong language learning strategies;
• foreign language policies to improve inclusive education

La Padrera


In order to prepare a proper session to introduce everybody’s education context, we will organise a round table and will exchange collective information. We will provide a templete and instructions for participants to deliver and present some slides with educational data.

During the visit we’ll have extra time to exchange further information at informal meetings. Bring extra material you are interested in, to disseminate your best practises!

Participants will also:
• attend round tables with education authorities, advisers, project coordinators and experts;
• visit primary, secondary and post-compulsory schools in multilingual contexts;
• observe pre-service professionals at the workplace;
• observe innovative and collaborative projects on foreign language teaching.

For more information, contact coordinators & support team:
Neus Lorenzo
Imma Pique

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