Unit 5. Living the dream

In this unit, we…..

1. describe activities activities happening now

2. order food and drink

3. write about a photograph


What are the people doing in the video? Write ten sentences in your notebook.

Open your student´s book at page 57 and do the warm up activities.

1. What are the people doing in the photos 1-8 ? Choose words from the box  to help you.

Building climbling drawing flying jumping
playing reading running sitting swinging

2. Which is your favourite photo? Why ?

3. What do you usually do ?


What are you doing at the moment?

I am…………………..

4. Watch the following song and create a new song using present continous.

Unit 5. Present Continuous Videos


Task description & scene summary

Task description:
Open the brackets and put the verbs in the right form. Practicing Present continuous tense
Scene summary:
The boy is spending his time playing video games, one day his mother gives him a present.

Video quiz questions


Fill the gap: The boy ________________________ (to play) a video game.


Fill the gap: The phone ________________________ (to ring).


Fill the gap: The puppy ________________________ (to bark).


Fill the gap: The puppy ________________________ (to run) and ________________________ (to play).


Fill the gap: The boy ________________________ (to smile)


Fill the gap: The boy and his puppy ________________________ (to play) outside.