Isabel Pérez Torres

Isabel Pérez presented new ICT tools for a constructivist approach to teaching and learning.

You can have a look at her presentation.

She states that the requirements for learning are:

– Personal involvement
– Cognitive engagement
– Support and scaffolding

She adds “Be successful (help students be happy)”

The audience can watch an interesting video on the matter  which is worth watching.

She talks about Google applications, Glogster, Audacity, etc. also about collaborative spaces such as Bookmarks (drigo), Blogs, Wikis and microblogs (twitter) but she emphasizes the use of webquests and webtasks.

Two interesting ideas to highlight:

Twiducate (, a platform where teacher and students get a channel and works like twitter.

Webasks: students must do something with the information, involving high order thinking skills. She suggests to built webtasks and webquests on wikis. Her key points on how to use your own webtasks:

  • Use a template to reflect on the content
  • Start from the evaluation criteria
  • Find a big concept, brainstorm possible tasks connected to students’ interests
  • Think in terms of language skills practice
  • Asses the results together with the pupils
  • Plan and support the learning process
  • Simplicity

You can always have a look at her excellent webpage:



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Catherine Snow
Harvard Graduate School of Education
SERP Institute

Dr Snow presented an investigation carried out at the Harvard School of Education related to word generation. You can check the current situation of the investigation at

She started with the US context, were 1out of 5 getting to kindergarten children are child of immigrant and 400 different language are represented. She also mentioned that the number of Hispanic children in poverty is increasing and the lnguistic diversity is directly related to poverty. Moreover, Blingual education support has weakened and English is taught in the traditional way as ESL, focused on grammar.
She supports the idea that the ideal way to teache English to the Spanish-speaking children could be two-way immersion (half of instruction in each language, children from two language backgrounds mixed in class).

The key point of the investigation is the value of discussion, using many formats for promoting discussion, and the hypothesis that there is a robust relation of discussion to good student outcomes.

The conclusion is related to the value of discussion. A part from a need for more intensity of intervention and control over the quality of implementation in the classroom, more explicit link from discussion to reading and writing is needed.

She states that catalysing comprehension through discussion and debate is a guarantee for vocabulary learning and also that the power of discussion is based on giving children opportunities for engagement, perspective-taking, reasoning and academic language learning.

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CLIL Conference programme

The programme for the conference is already available. Some catalan teachers will do presentations. Among them, Patrícia Meneses, CLIL and English teacher in ESC Esteve Barrachina (Sitges) and teacher trainer for the Departament d’Ensenyament. She will show how she teaches art in English in her school to 10 to 12 year olds.

On Friday there will be another presentation on CLIL, this one related to eLearning. Cristina Fuertes, teacher of music in IOC (Institut Obert de Catalinua) will do a presentation on how 14 teachers in the school are involved in a CLIL programme. They are also involved in a European programme leaded by the UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) on online activities to promote oral skills.


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CLIL 2012: From practice to visions

This blog is going to be my window to the world for the CCN CLIL conference that will take place in Utrecht in April.

You will have access to summaries of some plenaries and workshops for those interested in the latest trends in CLIL.


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