Les morts per Coronavirus superen Sars

La xifra de morts per part del coronavirus ha superat la de l’epidèmia de Sars, amb almenys 800 persones mortes. Amb  un complex dels Alps ha aparegut com  centre d’un cúmul de nous casos britànics.

Amb 89 morts més a la Xina el dissabte, el nombre de xifres ja és superior als 800 morts a tot el món per síndrome respiratòria aguda severa. La majoria de persones assassinades, 780, són de la província de Hubei.

L’Organització Mundial de la Salut (OMS) ha dit  que les xifres encara podrien es podrien disparar. Gairebé 37.200 persones a la Xina han estat infectades pel virus. Els residents ara lluiten per aconseguir subministraments diaris a causa de les restriccions de transport i de les instruccions per quedar-se a l’interior.

Espanya ha confirmat el seu segon cas de la malaltia després que un nacional britànic resident a Mallorca donés positivament el virus. El Centre Nacional de Microbiologia del país ha dit que els resultats de les proves han confirmat el cas a primera hora del diumenge . Es creu que l’home va contreure el virus després d’haver entrat en contacte amb una persona que recentment va donat  positiu per la malaltia a França. L’home infectat s’està mantenint aïllat, i la seva dona i els seus fills han resultat negatius pel coronavirus i no presenten símptomes.

Cinc britànics, entre ells un nen de nou anys, han donat positiu del virus a França. Altres sis nacionals britànics continuen sota observació als hospitals francesos.

El grup s’havia allotjat en dos apartaments d’un xalet d’esquí del poble de Contamines-Montjoie, als Alps francesos de l’est quan van ser visitats per un britànic que havia estat a Singapur i es va trobar que tenia el virus quan va tornar al Regne Unit a. finals del mes p

Les úniques persones que han mort fora de la part continental xinesa són un home xinès que va morir a les Filipines i un de 39 anys a Hong Kong.

El brot de Sars va matar 774 persones a tot el món el 2002-03. Es creu que el nou virus va sorgir en un mercat que ven animals salvatges a Wuhan, abans de difondre’s pel país. En resposta a l’esclat, el govern xinès va segellar la ciutat a finals de gener.

L’últim vol d’evacuació del Regne Unit des de Wuhan va sortir dissabte. Totes les persones que presentessin símptomes no haurien estat autoritzades a pujar a l’avió a Wuhan, i els que van volar s’haurien de tornar a avaluar a l’aterratge, segons van dir les autoritats del Regne Unit. Qualsevol persona que desenvolupi símptomes en el vol quedaria aïllada


With 89 more deaths in China on Saturday, the toll is now higher than the 774 killed worldwide by severe acute respiratory syndrome. The majority of people who have been killed, 780, are from Hubei province.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said the last four days had seen “some stabilising” in Hubei, but it warned that the figures could still “shoot up”. Almost 37,200 people in China have now been infected by the virus, which is believed to have emerged late last year in Hubei’s capital, Wuhan. Residents there are now struggling to get daily supplies because of sweeping transport restrictions and instructions to stay inside.

In the UK, a plane carrying British citizens evacuated from Wuhan landed in Oxfordshire on Sunday. The flight, with more than 200 people onboard including some foreign nationals, arrived at RAF Brize Norton shortly before 7.30am.

The Foreign Office said it was the second and final flight to be chartered by the UK and had government staff and military medics onboard. The passengers were being taken to the Kents Hill Park hotel and conference centre in Milton Keynes to be quarantined for 14 days.

Spain confirmed its second case of the disease after a British national living in Mallorca tested positive for the virus. The country’s National Microbiology Centre said test results had confirmed the case in the early hours of Sunday morning. The man is thought to have contracted the virus after coming into contact with a person who recently tested positive for the illness in France.

The Balearic Islands health department said the British man, his wife and two daughters had gone to Mallorca’s Son Espases hospital on Friday after one of them began feeling ill.

The infected man is being kept in isolation, and his wife and children have tested negative for the coronavirus and are displaying no symptoms.

A spokesman for Spain’s health ministry said the man had previously been at a French ski resort where a cluster of cases have been detected.

Five Britons including a nine-year-old child have tested positive for the virus in France. Another six UK nationals are being kept under observation in French hospitals.

The group had been staying in two apartments in a ski chalet in the village of Contamines-Montjoie in the eastern French Alps when they were visited by a Briton who had been in Singapore and was found to have the virus when he returned to the UK at the end of last month.

The French health minister, Agnès Buzyn, visited the ski resort on Sunday as officials went into damage-limitation mode at the start of the school half-term holidays. The period is the busiest time of the year for French mountain resorts, and tourist officials in the Haute-Savoie region sought to calm the growing sense of panic.

“We’ve had many phone calls this morning. There are a few cancellations; people are panicking a little and asking where the contaminated people have been. It’s normal,” said Annick Roger, the director of the Contamines-Montjoie tourist office.

There was little sign of panic on Sunday in the village near Mont Blanc, whose population is swelled by tourists every winter high season. Olivier Campion, a French visitor to the resort, told Agence France-Presse: “I was supposed to go to China for work and I postponed by visit. Instead, I didn’t have to go so far to find the virus.”

Eric Paris, who runs the village pharmacy, said there had been a sudden demand for face masks, but he was refusing to hand them out. “It’s been 14 days and the incubation period has passed. If everyone starts walking around in masks, can you imagine the trauma?” he said.

He added: “I’ve consulted the regional health authorities and the town hall and there has been no instructions. Everyone who might have been contaminated in Contamines has already been. Just because someone is full of aches after a day skiing doesn’t mean they have the coronavirus.”

Authorities set up a crisis centre in the village and said a school that the infected nine-year-old attended and a second school in nearby Saint-Gervais, where the child spent an afternoon taking an extra French lesson, would remain shut next week.

Spain confirmed its first case of coronavirus on 31 January after a man was diagnosed on the remote La Gomera island in the Canaries. The patient is part of a group of five people in isolation and under observation on the island after it emerged that they had come into contact with a German man diagnosed with the virus.

More than 37,100 people are now confirmed to have been infected worldwide, with a jump of 2,147 in Hubei since Friday. Deaths include that of a doctor, Li Wenliang, who was one of the first people to raise the alarm about the virus.

The only people to have died outside the Chinese mainland are a Chinese man who died in the Philippines and a 39-year-old in Hong Kong.

The Sars outbreak killed 774 people worldwide in 2002-03. The new virus is believed to have emerged in a market that sells wild animals in Wuhan, before spreading across the country. In response to the outbreak, the Chinese government sealed off the city in late January.

The final UK evacuation flight from Wuhan left on Saturday. Anyone displaying symptoms would not have been permitted to board the plane in Wuhan, and those who flew was to be assessed again on landing, UK authorities said. Anyone developing symptoms on the flight would be isolated.

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