Electricity and Magnetism


It’s easy to see the uses of electricity around us. In fact, there are charges around our computer, our house, and our city. Electricity is constantly flowing through all of the wires in our town.


Now what you will know is that all magnets can pull things towards themselves no matter what the shape of the magnet is. That is what magnetism is.

There are different types of magnets and some have super fancy names like Air-core magnets, Electromagnets and the Permanent magnets.

 How Does Magnetism Work?

Magnets have two ends to them.  These are called poles – a North Pole and a South Pole, just the same as the earth.  The two ends of the magnet may look the same but they don’t do the same things.

If you get two ‘North Pole’ magnet ends – or two ‘South Pole’ magnet ends – and try putting them together, they will push away from each other. But if you take a ‘North Pole’ magnet end and put it near a ‘South Pole’ magnet end, they will pull towards each other

Electricity and magnetism

The central nervous system and five sense 5è

The Central nervous System

The brain and the spinal cord make up the central nervous system. The brain lies protected inside the skull and from there controls all the body functions by sending and receiving messages through nerves.

The central Nervous System

Five Sens

Our senses allow us to learn, to protect ourselves, to enjoy our world. Can you imagine what it might be like to live your life without any of your senses? The senses usually work together to give us a clear picture of the things around us. If one sense is not working due to an accident or illness, then other senses will take over or become stronger to make up for the missing sense.

The five senses are: taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing.

Five sense

Energy 6è

Energy & Environment

Have you heard people talking about “Global Warming” and “Climate Change?” The reason is that many scientists believe our earth is gradually warming up and some believe that human activities are one of the causes.

This warming is thought to happen because we are burning fossil fuels like oil, gasoline, coal and natural gas. When burned, these fuels release several gases, including a good bit of carbon dioxide (CO2).

We call these gases “greenhouse” gases because they act like a blanket around the earth that traps the sun’s heat. Without this blanket of greenhouse gases, more of the sun’s heat would escape to space, and not cause global warming.

Energy is an essential part of our daily lives. We use energy to heat and cool our homes, schools and businesses. We use energy for lights and appliances. Energy makes our vehicles go, planes fly, boats sail, and machines run.

All living things need energy too. Plants use the light from the sun to grow. Animals and people eat the plants and use the energy that was stored. Food is fuel for our bodies’ energy needs like muscle power.

We also use our own bodies to make heat energy. When you have been running or working really hard, your body produces heat energy. When you wear clothing like a jacket in the winter, it holds in that heat energy and keeps you warm.

You can study folowing this link  Energy