On this blog, we are going to talk about the films that we like the most. We have made some votations in our class, and these have been the results: 

Dragonball  2                                          

Los magos de Waverly Place 7          

Hannah Montana 2                              

Shin Chan 3

Doraemon 8

The Simpsons 14

Crackobia 5

One Piece 2 

The film that we like the most, as you can see, are The Simpsons, as it has a very funny serial on TV too.


In this bloc we are going to talk about the games that have been played for years and years. We are going to talk about the games that we play and the games that our parents played when they were young.

Here you  have them:

At our class, the girls specially like the games without materials, games like the hide and seek.

Our parents liked to play at marble games.

And the games that will never be unfashioned are the hide and seek, the up plague, etc…