It is a TV serial that is made in TV3, start at 21:45 and finish at 22:15.
It treats the real life in comedy.
For example, they take “Dani Alves” and an actor imitates him, taking into account the comedy.
It is very funny!! We recommend it to you!! You can see it on Mondays and Saturdays on TV (TV3).


Dinosaurs are big reptiles, that lived in prehistory. We know 600 species of dinosaurs, divide in 44 familys and now some dinosaurs descriptions.


Tyrannosaurus rex:

meaning of name:Lizard Tyrant

taxonomy: order saurischia, Intraorder theropode, Suborder coelurosauria,Family tyrannosauridas.

Length: approx 13 m or 43 ft

period of Existence:late cretaceous,Maastrichtian.

Excavation Site:north America.