The Hueys – The new jumper

May 19th

Go to Little Pea.


May 12th

ACTIVITY 1: Printable. Can you help Rupert to find the ball of whool?

ACTIVITY 2: Act out the dialogue. You can send me a video at

Dialogue adaptation: The Hueys in the new jumper.

Narrator: The Hueys al looked the same.

Rupert: I have a new jumper. It’s orange.

Gillespie: I like your jumper. I will have one too.

Narrator: The Hueys all looked the same again.

Rupert:  I have a new hat.

Gillespie: I love your hat.

Narrator: The Hueys all looked different with the hats.

Copy and paste the dialogue into the web to listen to it.


May 4th

ACTIVITY 1: Can you spot the differences?

ACTIVITY 2: Vocabulary about family.

ACTIVITY 3: You can make a Hueys family with egg shells. Once you are finish send a photograh to my email (


April 28th

ACTIVITY 1: Watch the story and sing the song one more time.

ACTIVITY 2: Choose the correct option on the interactive worksheets.


April 21st

ACTIVITY 1: Watch the story

ACTIVITY 2: Sing the song

ACTIVITY 3: Complete the following interactive worksheets.

ACTIVITY 4: Create a new jumper for Rupert.

Click on the image to download a pdf.

Once you have done it, you can email me with your drawing at or send a photo to the school’s phone.

Let’s make a collage with all the new jumpers.


This is Matilda’s jumper. Did you draw yours? Don’t forget to email it to me at


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