Pete the cat – I love my white shoes

May 12th

Go to Pete the cat and His Groovy Buttons.

May 4th

ACTIVITY 1: Do you remember the story? Let’s watch it again and order the pictures.

ACTIVITY 2: Listen and match.

ACTIVITY 3: Printable. Imagine Pete the Cat steps in different objects. What would his shoes turn into?


April 28th

ACTIVITY 1: Watch the story and sing the song one more time.

ACTIVITY 2: Complete the following interactive worksheets.

ACTIVITY 3: Printable. Make your Pete the cat puppet and colour the shoes. Can you tell the story? Send me a video with your story at

April 21st

ACTIVITY 1: Watch the story

ACTIVITY 2: Sing the I love my shite shoes song

ACTIVITY 3: Sing the What’s your favorite color? song

ACTIVITY 4: Complete the following interactive worksheets.


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